Late Summer Styles for the Office: Look Professional While Hanging on to Your Style

Summer can be a tough time when you work in an office. You face one of two scenarios: either everything is always hot and you constantly have trouble finding something to wear that’s modest enough, but will still keep you cool, or the air conditioner is kept so low you find yourself catching summer colds even when you bundle up like an Eskimo. Sometimes a pair of outrageous socks, or that special casual Friday Tee just won’t do it for you anymore. In either scenario, you end up potentially ruining good outfits or looking unapproachable.

Well now, you don’t have to choose. If you’re still working in that late summer heat, or you’re bundled up in a cubicle somewhere, here are some outfit tips that will allow you to show off your flawless fashion sense.

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Lightweight slacks are your new best friends: Even though they may look a little baggy in comparison to those skinny slacks you’ve come to know day in and day out, pants made from lighter fabrics will definitely save you from all those steamy days. They’re better than tight pants that cling to your legs and are just as stylish.

Get an “A” in dresses: A-line dresses are great to wear to work. Be sure to avoid really short hemlines and spaghetti straps to stay within your workplace dress code, but otherwise, they’re great for a day at the office. Add a blazer or office appropriate cardigan when the air goes on and you’re good to go.

Go natural: Organic fibers make for great dresses, shirts, and even blazers that are so much better than others during the hot summer months because they breathe and let you cool down while keeping your sense of fashion in check. Clothing made from cotton, silk, or linen is great for hot days because they have looser weaves, which lets air circulate easier, keeping you cool.

Kimono jackets: These funky jackets can be worn over simple tops and shorts and still look great. Get a plain black one to suit the office, but trade it out for a patterned one for when you hit the town with your friends. In either case, these jackets pair nicely with other lightweight fabrics and can be used to stay warm if the need arises.


Gauchos: You might cringe, but they’re coming back this year! These wide-legged capris will keep you cool during hot mid-afternoon lunch breaks and give you that cool summery flair you’ve been looking for. Don’t try to swim upstream—go with the gaucho flow and enjoy the comfort. Now available in all kinds of new prints and colors, you don’t have to worry about a “tired” look.

Maxi it out: Just as with 2012 and 2013, maxi dresses are all the rage this summer styles season and give you the freedom to wear a long dress while still being within dress code at the office. These dresses are great for hot weather and have a flowy, free vibe to them that keeps things casual. Maxi dresses are wonderful day or nighttime dresses, meaning you can wear them at work during the day, and then pull on a cardigan at night if the weather gets cooler.

Looking for something cool, yet fashionable to wear during the summer at work? Look no further. These outfit ideas will absolutely keep you cool while also keeping you within the dress code at your work place. Don’t let summer bum you out!

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26 thoughts on “Late Summer Styles for the Office: Look Professional While Hanging on to Your Style

  1. Great tips! I don’t work in an office anymore but when I did it was always such a challenge to find good professional outfits to wear in the summer. Especially when I lived in Florida. Almost like torture there 😉

  2. I really need to revamp my wardrobe. I am literally one of those people that has so many pieces of clothes but nothing to wear or coordinate! I love these styles!

  3. I don’t think some of these would fly in the office I work at! But, fun to see the different styles.

  4. Those dresses are beautiful. I’ve got to let my girlfriend know about them. She loves dresses with a little hippie vibe.

  5. I work from home so i don’t have to worry about dressing for the office. I did love wearing gauchos so i am glad they are coming back.

  6. At work I had always gone for comfort over style, but recently I’ve been aiming for both – with some pretty awesome results if I do say so myself. You put forth some solid options here.

  7. I’ve never hear dof gauchos before and I have no idea what a maxi dress is! lol, frankly I haven’t heard of kimono jackets either. I do know what kimonos are though…

  8. Kimono jackets are getting trendier these days, as I noticed that many online shops are promoting this style. I would want one too!

  9. I love maxi dresses for summer.. luckily my coworkers-a dog and a toddler- are not very fashionable so they let me wear what I want. I also control the thermostat;)

  10. I love all of these outfits! It is always so hard to dress in the summer, because if you will be in the air conditioning it is freezing but outdoors so warm!

  11. These are all great picks, except if you’re from the Midwestern US during August and it’s 107F heat index with humidity. This would cling to sweat easily. I’d think of this as more or an early fall style when it’s warm, but a bit breezy.

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