#OOTD: Twenty3 Mullet Dress

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Wearing twenty.my mullet dress in black!   ~~ Necklaces: H&M ~~Shoes: Bershka ~~ Purse: BTS ~~Earrings: F21 ~~ Bracelet: Thailand.

Hello loves! Last OOTD for the month of August! Yay! You don’t know how Happy I am having this regular outfit post every monday! For the clothes I am wearing today,  I don’t actually wear mullet skirt or dress because my husband thought it looks weird. Though I thought I should get one from twenty3.my and the size is just perfect! Because it would have been a messy situation if it is too big or too small for me because it is backless. But as you can see, the size/measurement they provided in their website is true to size. Unlike other online shops which I had a hard time fixing the size. If you think that it is too much hassle to send it back from them and wait another month or so.

Twenty3.my is a local brand or online shop here in Malaysia. Twenty3 was born from Sherlyn Tan’s love for fashion, but the brand stayed dormant as she struggled with the idea of pursuing a dream and following the path her parents and society had expected of her: a 23-year old finance graduate with a comfortable salary and desk job.

I’ve been following their site via instagram and so amazed how she and her brand started small, and now one of the biggest brands here in Malaysia. I love how I can see from her post/status that she’s so hands-on and busy doing her business and so passionate about it. I can say I adore her since I wanted to have my own business too in the future. They shipped to a lot of countries too! So You can CLICK ME! and see the lists of countries and prices as well.

The prices of the clothes are a bit so-so for me. I am a full-time wife, & mother too! I always wanted to try and find some shops that at least 50RM below or some shops with good deals. New arrivals or some clothes in twenty3.my shop is like 60RM-70Rm which is a bit high for me, Though knowing that I can go and I have plenty of time to visit most bargain shops in KL and I can find some likeness with the design for 25RM. Or I can go to those branded shops as well like H&M, Mango, F21, Bershka which sells 40RM below on their sale clothes section. (Totally love SALES!) =D

But on the other side, I would have to think too that I don’t need to go out and just click and buy on their shop instead, and get the exact design I want which I won’t be able to see to any other places.  It would be a good option too if you are a busy working mom or if you are in hurry or If you want to order clothes from them as gift to friends and families! It is a nice shop too to buy work wear, and bridesmaid dresses.

The shipping is very fast too, Well, I am in Malaysia which is terrific! It took 2-3days I guess. I just don’t know if you are outside the country. But I can say it would be as fast specially if you are in the Asian countries somewhere nearby. Because if I order online from the US or China, It would take at least 2 weeks or a month most of the time which takes time.

Over all, twenty3.my brand/online shop is all good to me, I would love to grab their Sales too hahaha! Well, you know I have plenty of time to shop outside, But this is one of the branded/online shop in KL that I can give a Big Thumbs-up and will recommend in terms of clothes designs, fast shipping, good/fast clean website and good quality of  fabrics too! Visit their site to see their affordable work-wear, bridesmaid dresses too! Also the payment options is a must and  very convenient, A lot of choices to choose from depends on how you want to pay for it. Don’t forget a Hard-working Founder! Kudos to her. Such an inspiration for me, As I saw how her Brand keeps on growing everyday and she’s living her dream!

Check out their social media sites below for more updates from them!

Website ~~ Facebook ~~ Youtube ~~ Instagram 

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22 thoughts on “#OOTD: Twenty3 Mullet Dress

  1. I have a couple of dresses that are mullet dresses and I think they can be flattering to a shorter figure. I love this one you are wearing!

  2. I love your look! The dress itself is beautiful, but the way you accessorize just makes it over the top glam.

  3. I love the look of the mullet dress. I saw one on a mom at swimming lessons (of all places) not long ago, and it was gorgeous too.

  4. What a beautiful young lady you are and a model too! You were born to model that’s for sure. Mullet dresses are in fashion now. I see quite a few of the young ladies wearing them.

  5. It’s a stunning dress and I get the mullet part of it. Truly beautiful and would make a great entrance at a holiday party.

  6. Such a fun and flirty dress. I love it on you! Great find. I love the name of the dress. Made me smile

  7. I have been loving the look of hi-low dresses since they’ve became a trend. In fact, I have a few of these type of dresses in my closet. The black dress that you’re wearing is simply beautiful!

  8. The dress, the shoes, the bag and the accessories! This OOTD!!! sexy ever and very sophisticated 🙂

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