Getting Fit in Style: Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2014

Like fashion trends and social trends, popular fitness concepts and routines are constantly evolving. With 2014 well under way, now might be the time to adapt your old workout routine to incorporate the latest trends in health and fitness. Each new year brings a variety of changes to popular trends ranging from new weightlifting techniques and cycling concepts to how long you should exercise and what kind of tech will help you meet your goals.

For 2014, one of the biggest trends is the advancement in various types of wearable fitness technology. When you go online at you can learn all about the latest and greatest trends in fitness for 2014, but in this piece you’ll learn quickly about the top five fit in style trends for this coming year.
High-Intensity Interval Training

According to USNews, high-intensity interval training is one of the hottest trends for fitness in 2014. These exercise regimens consist of short bursts of high-intensity routines followed by a period of rest. This is repeated in a cycle for a predetermined amount of time based upon the routine and the fitness level of the participant.

CrossFit and P90X are the most popular forms of high-intensity interval programs, but it is adaptable for runners (shuttle runs or sprints) and bikers (alternating uphill and glide riding) as well.

Strength Training

Strength training has always been popular, but it has primarily been dominated in the past by a younger demographic. With a variety of machines, free weights, and other equipment, strength training is easier than ever and as noted by, it is part of a well-rounded exercise regimen alongside cardio and flexibility routines.

Additionally, strength training is becoming increasingly popular among older generations and those suffer chronic pain as it helps strengthen and tone muscles in the body to cope with the challenges these groups face physically.



The popularity of yoga has ebbed and flowed in recent years, but it has generally remained popular in one segment of the population or another. However, in 2014 the increasing variety of yoga classes has allowed the regimen to gain popularity among different groups. Unlike Pilates and Zumba, yoga has evolved to include flow, hot, power, and athletic yoga courses for people from various segments with differing fitness needs.

Bodyweight Training

Working out with machines and heavy free weight equipment has been viewed by most as the best way to build muscle and increase strength, but bodyweight training is gaining popularity in 2014. Bodyweight training challenges the muscles of the body in the same way and is adaptable to various fitness levels.

Best of all, bodyweight training doesn’t require any equipment in order to provide a challenge and steady workout.

Wearable Technology

Finally, technology is throwing its hat in the fitness ring and offering various ways to help individuals meet their fitness goals. Although it isn’t altering the kinds of workouts people are doing, wearable technology such as smartwatches, smart shirts/socks/gloves, and smart glasses are all changing the way individuals track, record, and evaluate the success of their workout.

Charles Farr was once a paper pusher until a distinct passion for fitness caused a career change. Now as a personal trainer, he greatly enjoys writing about the simple tips and tricks to a healthier lifestyle in today’s world.

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