Shizens Tea Party Event!

Shizens is an up and coming skin care and cosmetic brand, propelling its expansion in Malaysia as well as regional market. Inspired and infused by bountiful natural ingredients, Shizens offers a wide range of products, from makeup, skin protection to skin care, all created to revive and nourish your natural beauty.

Shizens offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and skin care products. Eye Charm, Lip Painter and Liposome Fair Refining Essence are Shizens best-selling products. Additionally, Shizens offers products such as Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation, Pore UV Essence BB cream, Double Auto Eyebrow (eyebrow pencil), Mascara, Silky Renewal Gel, Moisture Cleansing Balm and many more to help individuals exude personal glamour with a natural look.

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I had a chance to attend their Tea Party in Berjaya Times Square and happy that I tried their products.  All the guests was sitting with a salesgirl from shizens or representative to explain each products you wanted to try. The girl who was assigned to me, Her name is Money Lee Not her real name, She is very young, Like Seriously there is something that needs to talk about her but then this post isn’t about her so I will just Let her go hahaha.

Money Lee was the girl assigned to me and explained all the products. I did learn a lot from her actually not just about their products but on how I needed to use such skin care products so my skin will be more healthier. Which I am very guilty of, because I know that I am not looking after my skin at all. I have tons of beauty products here at home but I am just too lazy to use all of them. I mean, I can’t even wear foundation because it is too thick for me and sticky afterwards reason that I only use baby powder and sometimes nothing at all after my day cream.

So kudos to all the girls who can wear those makeup products haha. I keep on trying though, maybe in the future I will get used to it hehe. So back the to Tea Party,

I tell ya! Their Beauty Products and skin care Products are indeed so good! The Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation she showed and tried on my hands is incredibly amazing because somehow it is waterproof haha Though, it doesn’t really say waterproof in their website But you know it was amazing. She put some foundation on my hands and then sprayed water on it and wipe it and it is still there! I am just amazed. The other product was the Liposome Fair Refining Essence,  It was the pink bottle above and really good too. So most of the products was tried on my right side face after all the trying my right side face looks very good and tight skin too! I forgot to take a photo sorry about that. Because I was busy looking at the other stuffs they have and see what I can buy on a budget hahaha + I am carrying 10packs of super heavy Dried Mangoes to give to my friend hehe.

So I find their products really good and amazing and I can’t say anything bad from them, I am not just happy with the price at all. I am a budget mommy always, Their foundation is like 200RM+. Their lippies are like 100RM+ each too! I have bought two products which are like magic to me so I bought it, but of course it is pricey but I do need it for my lashes and easy apply for my eyebrows which I think worth of 100RM+ each hehe.

I will be totally doing a review about the two products when I have time in the future because my mother in law will be here for two weeks so I am gonna be a little MIA with the social thing. Do follow me on twitter/instagram: @tauyanm or find the links on my right hand sidebar or links below to be updated on what I am doing ya! I will be doing a Malaysia Tour for  two weeks! yay!

For a first Timer like me, and to me that do not believe just in a snap, I DO recommend this beauty and skincare products from Shizens.  If you won’t mind the price at all then this will be a go for you to try! Visit their website below for more information:

SHIZENS WEBSITE ~~ Facebook Page ~~ Twitter

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31 thoughts on “Shizens Tea Party Event!

  1. Looks like it was a great event, but agree, the prices are expensive – well, for someone like me who doesn’t spend a lot on make up

  2. I miss going to events at Berjaya. That is a really great mall. Looks like this store put on another great event there.

  3. This looks like a fabulous even. I have never heard of this brand is it exclusive to your area?

  4. Sounds like a great brand and the event looks like a lot of fun! Too bad we don’t have Shizens here.

  5. Oh wow! It looks like they have some fantastic products & I have to say that the Tea Party was a nice touch.

  6. Who wouldn’t love a tea party and fabulous products to keep us looking young. Skin care products are definitely something we need to read reviews on, and invest because the results make a difference in our aging process.

  7. Just by the sound of the name and the looks of the products, I know this is something every girl should try. This is a trusted partner for skin care.

  8. What a nice way to promote their products! Would have loved to attend and try these products!

  9. Please start to take care of your skin now. You will be much happier with the way you look when you get a bit older. Good products are a must.

  10. That would have been a great tea party to attend. I found some of my favorite make up while living in Asia. I really miss the quality of the products. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Looks like you had a great time and learned a lot about your skin. I haven’t attended anything like that before.

  12. This looks like an amazing time and wish I could attend. I will have to check Shizens out.

  13. I’m a budget mommy too, though there are some exceptions I would make. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  14. What a beautiful party! Looks like an amazing store with some really great products. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  15. What a awesome tea party to attend. I have never heard of Shizens before, thanks for letting me know about them.

  16. Shizens has the complete line of beauty products. The tea party set up is also an excellent way to promote the product.

  17. That looks amazing and it seems like you had a lot of fun! How great you got to tryout so many cool products.

  18. It sounds as though you had a fabulous time! I am always looking for products that exceed expectations and then have an added benefit of supporting a social or environmental cause. I’m impressed that the hand foundation survived washing!

  19. Looks like you had a great time and found great products. Thanks for sharing and I will make sure to share it with my friends.

  20. It looks like it was quite the party. I’m glad you found products you like even if you found them a little expensive. Enjoy your MIL’s visit.

  21. Obviously I’m not their target market, but will definitely forward to my wife who is always looking for a better cosmetic solution!

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