The Pre Fall Shopping

The next weekend, a San Francisco wedding photographer may take some pictures of you. With Tomorrow you may take a fancy “selfie” and yesterday you’ve been photographed by the camera guy, in the club. It seems like every day, there is a chance someone will take a picture of you, or if he doesn’t, you’ll do it. Also, you have to look good every time you step out of your house. The hair has to be clean, the makeup has to be accurately done and your clothes have to be nice.

prefall shopping

We’ve got august coming and the golden fall seems to be really close to us. So if you’re now thinking about buying some cool outfits, think about the best pre-fall pieces. If you’ll look through fashion magazines, you’ll find out that what you need right now is a pencil skirt. The tight thing makes your hips look like paradise and is perfect for going to work or for romantic dates. Add some killer high heels and what you get is a total diva look. Get a pencil skirt with stripes and your legs are going to look longer.

This fall, feel free to go wide. And by wide I mean large stuff that’s a few times bigger than you actually are. Large classic pants, large jackets, large-everything. The wide leg especially is now rocking the catwalks. Go for darker shades of blue and green. It’ll make you look elegant, classy and at the same time you’re going to feel easy and free. The comfortable, large and wide clothes are not only making you look better, they’re also current.
Search for a strapless dress and find a gray one. Not very short and not long, choose a dress that may save you in unexpected situations. Let it be the savior of the date, party or the wedding.

Also, in your next pre fall shopping, don’t forget about the black shoes, the denim jacket and the caramel bag. These are extremely necessary pieces. They could get you easily out of any wardrobe trouble, through their classy and universal features.

Brace yourselves, the fall is coming and the wardrobe needs a little dose of freshness.

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27 thoughts on “The Pre Fall Shopping

  1. Oooh, it’s true. Fall’s right around the corner- I’m not even remotely prepared 😛

  2. I like fall but am going to miss summer. It is also a great time to get your new t-shirts and hoodies 🙂 I agree.

  3. I always shop late and sometimes I just look inside my closet and mix and match fall outfits from last year’s shopping.

  4. This truly is the time to go shopping and I agree everyone should have that black shoe and gray or black dress in their wardrobe.

  5. I was at a local shop last Saturday and enjoyed looking at their Fall Catalogue. Although I was surprised that this local clothing line had a Fall Collection ( coz we don’t have Fall in the Philippines ), I still loved the colors, the dresses, and their new designs.

  6. I’m definitely in need of some items–work clothes and a nice “LBD”. I was thinking of waiting on some good sales. 🙂

  7. I need you to come help me shop. I never can figure out what looks good on me. I am skinny everywhere but my stomach so I always look prego. blah.

  8. It is hard to believe that fall is around the corner already! I really want to buy myself a denim jacket this year. I love the look!

  9. It sounds like you are ready to shop for next season already! Your pic of you and your bf is very nice and fall looking.

  10. The black shoes, the denim jacket and the caramel bag I think are classic pieces we should get in any season. I’m excited to see what designs brands would feature in the coming fall.

  11. I actually just went Fall shopping for back to school! Love dark blues and greens, and found a few. I can’t do the wide clothing thing, but it’s probably because I’m short and curvy.

  12. Great tips for fall fashion wear. I like going wide on clothes because it is more comfy. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Fall fashion is my favorite! I’m going to have clean up my closet and make room for it!

  14. I love the Fall especially when it comes to clothing, I just love the type of clothes you get to wear during that season.

  15. These are great tips for fall shopping. It’s funny. I saw this post, and I thought, “This will be a good one to tell my girlfriend about.” The thing is, she already does all these things. Great minds, I guess.

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