#REVIEW: Human Nature Mosquito Repellant

~Human Nature has become a leading and trail-blazing social enterprise, recognized as a Schwab Foundation 2012 Global Social Entrepreneur Awardee. The Schwab Foundation recognizes social enterprises which have had a great impact, and it seeks to replicate successful social businesses on a global scale. Human Nature has also been certified cruelty free by PETA, one of the very few brands in the region to receive this accolade. Human Nature has been studied as a successful working model for a social enterprise by students at Berkley University, California and Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore. It has sold millions of products in its home country, the Philippines, and is also distributed in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates, with more plans of expansion on the way.

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Price: 50ml – RM16.90


~Non-sticky, easy to apply, smells great and totally DEET free… naturally!

~Good news for you, bad news for mosquitoes!


~ Citronella oil, Eucalyptus fragrance oil, Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis), Soybean oil, Sunflower oil


  • The Product Packaging looks very nice and kid colour friendly.
  • I love how the packaging of the bottle is pointing downwards so the product can come out out the bottle easily with a little bit of squeeze
  • Smells like a mix of a tea tree oil and Orange or citrus smell which is good so your kid won’t be smelly compare to the other products.
  • The product is 100% natural so it is best for those who have sensitive skin and best for babies too!
  • It is dermatologically tried and tested as non-irritating and safe.
  • Good to bring when travelling and very handy as the product is slim in packaging, You can easily glide it in the side of your bags.

My daughter loves this product as it doesn’t have that too much of orangey or citrus smell unlike the other product we were using before. Just the right amount of citrus-orangey smell and I love it too. You guys know how sensitive my smelling so this products fragrance or smell is a big YES for me. Knowing that it is natural, I won’t worry much with all the chemicals especially my daughter is only 6yrs old and I dont want her to be in contact with too much chemicals. This product don’t have parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil or other toxic substances just all the good and no bad at all.

Below are some of the information on how Human Nature help farmers:

The products are made from ingredients grown by the poorest farmers in Asia and they liase directly with them, not with large corporate suppliers. A lot of these farmers spend years, if not generations, growing just rice. Nothing wrong with rice, except it’s a commodity that’s price controlled, which means it’s not the best way to get out of poverty. Human Nature teaches these farmers to grow higher value crops like citronella, sunflowers, cocoa, elemi, etc so that they can keep doing what they love to do, but at the same time break free from poverty. Human Nature teach them how to run their farm like a business so it’s well managed, productive and efficient. Human Nature buy the ingredients from them at a fair price then send it off to be compounded and packed in hygenic manufacturing plants. You get all the goodness of a home-blended product with the benefits of commercial production (which means there’s enough Human Nature products to sell in several different countries – USA, Philippines, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, etc). Human Nature represents a way that they can sustainably eradicate some of the world’s biggest problems even as a for-profit business.

To learn more about Human Nature products and advocacy, visit www.humannaturemalaysia.com or follow them on www.facebook.com/hnmalaysia for informative articles and updates on new products, or call +6016-26EARTH (32784). You may also contact Human Nature Malaysia to find out more about being a retail partner.

Disclaimer: All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. These products were provided free of charge for review purposes only. All opinions about the products are my own. The content of my review is my true and honest opinion & experience with the product. All opinions posted here is my own (unless stated otherwise).


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29 thoughts on “#REVIEW: Human Nature Mosquito Repellant

  1. This looks like an incredible line! Since I’m battling the Florida mosquitos nearly every night, I’ll have to stock up on this product!

  2. This kind of protection is needed here now because it is rainy season here. This is to avoid certain disease like dengue.

  3. I love this product!! i have the oil based kind and I love it. I have 4 bottles one for the car one for the house one in my bag and one in my daughter’s bag.

  4. i would love bug repellent that doesn’t smell horrible and is safe for my kids. thanks for sharing.

  5. This is great stuff. I’m most interested in the bug repellant. Living in FL we use our share of spray, and this looks much better for us

  6. nothing i have ever used on my kid has worked i wonder if this would. when he gets bit he swells up. i think he’s allergic T^T but i dont wanna tell him he can’t go outside…

  7. I love the name of this brand. So clever and cute. We have lots of mosquitos because we live close to a lake. I will have to check this out. Thanks.

  8. I have never heard of this brand before. I will have to try Human Nature products because I love that they are deet free. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I like that it doesn’t have deet or any other crazy chemicals. Does it work well though? When I get natural things it’s hit or miss for me in their effectiveness.

  10. This is great. I am using California Baby right now but the bottle is small and honestly the smell is super strong. (I am sensitive!) I will have to give this a shot!

  11. Anything that can get rid of mosquitos and i can stay outside during those buggy days.. i will give this a try..

  12. I’m a lover of natural products and i think that is important as a parent to watch what we use on our children. Not only that but we have to protect against those little vampires . Citrus is always a very nice scent as long as its not chemical smell.

  13. I love this! I always get eaten up by mosquitoes because traditional mosquito repellent causes a burning rash on my skin. I’ll have to get some of this.

  14. I’m intrigued just from the scent description alone. I’m a sucker for most anything that smells like citrus.

  15. I was just thinking about how I needed mosquito repellant the other day, when I was getting bit up outside at a camp fire! I like that this one has a more pleasant smell and that it is all natural.

  16. I’ve not tried this product. My son gets massive bumps from mosquito bites. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

  17. What a great product, repellent is important to have during this time of year.

  18. I am very interested in this product. I have an autoimmune disorder and I have to be very careful about the products I use but keeping the mosquitoes away is of the utmost importance. I love the fact that it is all natural will definitely be checking it out immediately!

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