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Girls of all ages love the pageant circuit. Not only do they get the chance to dress up and showcase their talents, but they also have the chance to win big prizes. Some of the top pageants in the world now give winners scholarships that they can use to pay for college and cash prizes. If you’re new to the pageant world, you might not understand the importance of the right dress. Your little girl should feel comfortable wearing that dress on stage and for long hours backstage, but the dress should have that wow factor that turns heads. Many pageant moms and dads love the look of cupcake dresses.

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What is a Cupcake Dress?

The cupcake dress gets its name from its design, which slightly resembles an upside down cupcake with frosting. It features a short skirt that falls to the knee or just below or above the knee. The top of the dress has a decorative bodice that looks like the wrapper of the cupcake. Most dresses use a series or various rows of ruffles that make the skirt flare out, and most dresses also feature embellishments on the bodice in the form of glitter, sequins or beads that help the wearer stand out while walking on stage.

Sleeve Types

Pageant dresses typically come with one of three sleeve styles. The first is the halter dress, which has straps attached to the bodice that circles around her neck. This keeps the dress from slipping or sliding. The second type of dress uses traditional thick straps that connect the front of the dress to its back. You’ll also find off the shoulder dresses that have straps that circle around each shoulder. Some of these off the shoulder designs come with thinner straps that connect the front and back for additional support.

How to Pick the Perfect Dress

Ritzee Girls pageant dresses have all the sparkle and bling that you want in a dress for your little one. These dresses are available online from pageant and costume websites, and Pageant Designs is just one example of a site offering those outfits. To pick the perfect dress for your performer, choose a color that she likes and one that compliments both her hair color and skin tone. Make sure that the dress is comfortable enough for her to wear for hours and provides for freedom of movement. Online stores have a much wider selection of pageant dresses than you might find in your neighbor-hood.



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