Australia- The Country that Has It all

Australia is a beautiful country with a diverse natural landscape and abundance of wildlife. This beauty has been preserved through the maintenance of over 500 national parks, protected land where visitors can and experience Australian culture and traditions. Most of Australia’s national treasures can be found in national parks, from Ayers rock in Uluru, to the Great Barrier Reef marine park. Each varies in size, all offering a diverse window into the Australian landscape. Definitely Australia is a country that has it all but prior to venturing into the wilderness; here are some of the things to experience in Australia.

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Front plant and bird life, to large marsupials like kangaroos and koalas, to reptilian creatures, Australia’s native species are truly spectacular. With the vast diversity of Australia’s National parks, there are a range of opportunities for you to partake in, and enjoy. With 500 national parks, you have plenty of options to choose from. Don’t forget about offshore national parks like a great barrier reef – A must see for any tourist. Though the risks are minimal, it pays to be aware of the dangers such as venomous snakes and poisonous spiders.

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A popular option for both tourists and locals alike, camping is a cost effective way to experience Australia in all of its beauty. However, due to its popularity booking is recommended, especially around the busy holiday period. Generally, facilities at secluded camp sites are rather basic, not recommended for those who cannot live without their creature comforts. However there is the option of holiday parks, which provide on sit accommodation in the form of cabins and mobile homes – a slightly more comfortable experience.

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Tramping is a great option for the more adventurist traveller, however hiking in Australia can be rather intrepid and good planning and research is essential. Make sure you bring plenty of drinking water as in warmer months water supplies can be sparse in some parts. A highly recommended area for hiking is the Blue Mountains national park in NSW.

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Australia has some spectacular locations for getting married and honeymooning. If you dream of azure seas and fine sands, there are many beautiful beach locations to visit during your stay. Couples planning a destination wedding have the added benefit of being able to wake up on their first day as man and wife and start the honeymoon right away. For those looking to step back in time and enjoy a fairytale wedding day before heading down to the surf, Melbourne’s Ascot house offers a premier wedding and reception service. Ascot House is a magnificent Victorian mansion, setting it apart from other Melbourne wedding venues. This venue has a 100 year history as a local venue for weddings and receptions.

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Beach life 
There are so many beautiful beaches in Australia, making it an obvious choice for a destination beach life and sun basking. Sydney’s Bondi Beach is one of the most famous tourist havens, with visitors from across the globe flocking here in droves every year. World-renowned Cable Beach’s white, silky sands face the Indian Ocean.

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Australia is fully endowed with the finest culture of the entire continent. National Gallery of Australia is the house of some of Australia’s finest art collections which are more than 10000. Here one can see glimpses of the international works and exhibitions of photography.
In conclusion for you to be allowed to visit Australia, you must then apply for Australian visas if you are not an Australian Citizen as the Australian Immigration law requires of you.



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31 thoughts on “Australia- The Country that Has It all

  1. This looks amazing. I plan to visit Australia in November. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Looks amazing, I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, one day I will.. It’s so beautiful there.

  3. I wish there was no quarantine period to bring your pets to Australia from the US, but I totally understand them wanting to remain a rabies-free island. I have researched going there so many times and would die to see Sydney! The diversity in types of cities and terrain is insane!

  4. I really want to visit Australia one day! I think it’s an amazing country, and continent, and there is so much interesting things to see, feel and experience!

  5. I can’t wait to go to Australia one day! The whole country is stunningly beautiful!

  6. I would be a bit nervous, with the wildlife in Australia- they get some freaky stuff there!!

  7. Except for the scariest spiders and other desert demons I can’t put names too, I have always wanted to go hang out there for a couple of months. Or a year 😉

  8. I always wanted to visit Australia and see the koala bears in real. I have some friends who live over there and they said it’s a beautiful country.

  9. I would so love to go to Australia one day. It is so beautiful there and I hear the people are so friendly. Thanks for sharing.

  10. As a teen, I swore an oath to myself that I’d eventually visit Australia. Problem is, every.single.animal is poisonous there!

  11. My aunt live in Australia and they’re inviting us to have a holiday there. I hope to visit the place soon.

  12. The beaches draw me to Australia. I have seen wonderful stories about the Great American Reef, or something like that. Plus the weather is perfect.

  13. I would love to visit some day. There is so much to see and do there. Those pictures are really nice. 🙂 I would love to see all of that in real life one day.

  14. I would love to go Australia never been there and it is in m bucket list that and see a koala and walabi, the country it self and its culture sound amazing to me

  15. I would love to visit Australia. I wouldn’t know where to start though. There is so much beauty there!

  16. I have always wanted to visit Australia. Your pictures and post just made me move it up my list even further! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I would love to see Koalas in real life. I’ve always thought they were beautiful.

  18. I’d love to visit Australia. It’s got everything imaginable. Beaches, night life, cool history. The only problem is all those venomous creatures that live there.

  19. I have always wanted to visit there! We had an exchange student from there once when I was in high school. We took him on his first halloween trick-or-treat, he loved it!

  20. Awesome!! I must go! Ive heard great things from friends and bloggers from there~
    Dee T

  21. Australia is such a beautiful looking place with so much to do. I would love to go there!

  22. I’ve never been to Australia but it’s HIGH on my bucket list! This post just reinforced all the reasons I’ve been lusting after an Australia vacation!

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