#OOTD: Criss Cross Back

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Criss Cross Back Dress and Earrings from Oasap.com CLICK ME to see the price and other designs with sexy back too! ~~ Shoes: New Look SG ~~ Bracelet/Ring: Bugis SG ~~ Purse: BerjayaTS

Hey! Its Monday and it means #ootd time! Here is a sexy back outfit post for you all! A very nice criss cross back dress which I have been seeing on Facebook and a lot of online shops this fast few days. But of course I manage to get it in Oasap.com The dress fits me so well and not so tight at all.

Noticed the photo of the criss cross back where you can see the tag price on your right hand side? I didn’t even notice that, until I have made this blogpost haha. Well at least it looks good ya?! hehe Don’t you just like black and white purse I am holding here? yeah, that is pretty new and loving it!

Of course still manage to take this photos with out me wearing my ever loving sunglasses, Which I can’t live without. I’ve been browsing on chictopia the other day and noticed that I am not the only blogger who wears sunglasses to their #ootd’s, So that kinda makes me feel a little bit not guilty haha

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27 thoughts on “#OOTD: Criss Cross Back

  1. Sexy back! Your dress is full of mystery. Classy and sophisticated. can be worn both day and night great for events.

  2. wow everything here looks so beautiful on you, because you are beautiful.. loved the criss-cross back, and I even loved the ring you are wearing, also that wrist-band.. it’s lovely..

  3. I first didnt noticed that it was a purse, I thought it was a piece of paper, that’s cool.

  4. Beautiful dress and earrings! I love the style of the criss crossing on the back. Looks very pretty on you too.

  5. Yes, your dress at the back really looks good! I also want to wear that kind but I’m afraid it will hug my body too tight.

  6. The back on that is gorgeous!!! It reminds me of my girlfriend when we were trying on bridesmaid dresses. She is a bigger girl and the dresses with straps at the back like this one she called “Roast beef” because the material well…looked like the strings of roast beef on her. LOL
    This dress is beautiful and I’d wear it!

  7. You’re definitely looking like a model with each outfit post. You look great with the criss cut back.

  8. Of all of the things I have seen you in to date- this one…
    This is your outfit. You rock that!

    Stopping by to leave some common love from the Dish

    Alysia x


  9. that is a great dress, I love the criss cross back. If I was a little younger I would totally buy that

  10. What a gorgeous dress design! The earrings look spectacular with it too.

  11. I love the detailing on that dress! It takes a plain dress and makes it pop, thats for sure.

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