How to Rock Cheap High Heels

Every girl need killer heels but how do you find cheap high heels that look great? Bargain shopping is not as hard as it used to be. Here are our top tips on snagging cheap heels—and making them look good:

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Start Online

A lot of women struggle to find good but cheap high heels and often that’s because they’re perusing only their local stores. A physical retail store knows that once you’re in the door they don’t have to try as hard; they figure you’ll buy something no matter what. Their prices reflect that attitude along with the higher overhead of operating a physical store. But online retailers suffer from neither of these drawbacks, and can offer prices that are lower than anyone else’s, even when you factor in shipping charges. Most women who switch to online shopping find that they love it.

Strengths and Weaknesses
When you’re looking at cheap high heels you shouldn’t look for knock offs of trendy designers. The difference will show. Instead, look for high heels that are unique and look good in their own right. Maybe they follow the same fashion trends as the big names but they do it with a different flare. Or maybe they are aiming more at a vintage or retro look. Generally speaking, treat cheap high heels the same way you would treat big purchases: look for the ones that match your style, not just what’s in the magazines.

Fantasy Heels
When you’re spending $50 on heels instead of $200, you don’t have to worry as much about the long term viability of your purchase. These don’t need to be everyday work heels or family heirlooms because they’re not a major investment. So go a little wild. Look for heel styles that you’d love to wear at a party or in the club, or something that looks like it came out of a Rhianna video. This is your chance to get signature pieces that maybe can’t be worn all the time but will really dazzle people when they do some out.

Always try them on
Obviously everyone tries on shoes before they buy them. But with cheap high heels give them a real test ride. Walk around a number of times, and try stepping up onto a bench or stool. Do the heels feel sturdy? What is the comfort level like? One major advantage of online retailers is that you can try the shoes on at home, taking them for a cruise up the stairs or wearing them for an hour, and then send them back if you don’t like them.

Last season isn’t always bad
Last season’s styles will still look great next year. One of the surest ways to find deals on cheap high heels is to look at last season’s styles. A lot of women worry that they will look dated or tired but the truth is the variation in trends from year to year is a lot less than you’d expect—especially in shoes.

What do you look for in an affordable pair of high heels?



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