Tips You Would Adore While Traveling Turkey

As turkey is getting more and more popular because of their culture, marvelous topography and their sandy pristine beaches, more people feel obliged to visit the country that has always connected Asia and America. However, your experience here will be greatly determined on a few things you need to know before or during the trip. Here are a few tips that will get you on the right footing as you travel to Turkey.

Read about the history and culture 
Before heading to Turkey, you should know one or two things about the country’s great History. Turkey dates its history centuries ago. It has been ruled by different empires and has been the focal point of many wars. For example The Great Trojan War. Besides, you should know a thing or two about the great trade that was taking place between the west and the east through Turkey.
In addition, you should know about the culture. Most people confuse Turkey as an Islamic state with the very harsh Islamic rule. On the other hand, Turkey is very liberal when it comes to the rules of Islam and who practices Islam. The Turkish cities like Istanbul and the rest have great cultures and practices that you should know about.


Dress respectfully
Since the country runs under Islamic rule, what you wear really matters. Dress in something decent. That is why travellers are encouraged to buy clothes while in Turkey. They are less expensive there anyway. Men are expected not to wear shorts often, especially if going to the mosque. Women, on the other hand should purchase more dresses and skirts. You should wear flat shoes. The sidewalks are not that friendly.

Everything money 
The first thing you should know is you need to change your money at the Post Office inside the baggage claim. For a good deal, exchange real cash for the local currency rather than traveler’s cheques. Also, if you are in Turkey for a long time, convert your money in bits because of the crazy inflation rates that hits the country. Make sure, you gain more often than not.
In addition, purchasing Turkey visas at the entry point in the country can be a challenge if you do not have cash. Travelers’ cheques and credit cards are not allowed there. On the other hand, credit cards are allowed in most cities in Turkey. Do not worry.

Eat in Moderation 
Turks are known to be very hospitable. Food will not be an issue as you travel to Turkey. The Turks have a wide variety of involving cuisines that if you plan tasting each of them in one day you will not exhaust them. The best thing to do is eat in small portions. Start with a spoon full of different appetizers, main course meals and desert as you progress. By the time you are leaving Turkey, you will have tasted most, if not all of their dishes.

Know a little Turkish
The good thing about Turkish is it is easy to learn. Not everywhere that you will go, people speak English. Away from the cities, arm yourself with a few phrases that will make you interact better with the locals. You will feel much better if you could say, “How are you?” in Turkish rather than in English to a local.



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7 thoughts on “Tips You Would Adore While Traveling Turkey

  1. sound tips to remember while in Turkey. Dress appropriately is a MUST sa mga Moslem controlled countries.

  2. very well said and shows the features to enjoy while in Turkey, that is one great country to visit someday.

  3. Yes, great tips indeed. I love the idea of reading and knowing about the country first before visiting it. I hope sometime you can post about the great places to visit with itinerary too. 😀

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