Wondrous K-Beauty & Wellness Show in Malaysia

Korea has four distinct seasons, with each offering unique and beautiful landscapes. In the spring, forsythia, cherry blossom, azalea and many other flowers are in full bloom; in the summer, people travel in numbers to the coasts to enjoy their vacation on the beach; in the fall, the mountains put on a fascinating coat of crimson leaves; and in the winter, the land is covered with snow.

The capital of Korea is Seoul, and the government is led by Park Geun-hye, elected in 2013 as the first woman president of the country. The Korean population reached 51 million as of May 2013 (based on the statistics of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration), with a large proportion living in major metropolitan areas. To disperse the population to regions outside the metropolitan cities, the Korean government is relocating many government organizations to locations outside of Seoul, with the process set to be completed in 2014.

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Last May 31, 2014 Wondrous K-Beauty was held at the Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I was so lucky to be invited to attend this event and learned a lot of things about Korea. I haven’t been to Korea yet, Though I am looking forward to be in Korea in the future and enjoy all the good things I have learned from this K-Beauty Event and visit my friends too!

What fascinates me the most and what I love about the event was, I was able to understand other things that you can do & see in Korea. Like what particular place to go to and shop, What places you must go to for cultural and tourists must see places and Of course those to die for Spa’s that all ages been wanting to do on a holiday plus the different kinds of Cosmetics/Plastic Surgeries as well.

Another thing was seeing the Girl named, Lee Wei Gen Not sure if that’s how you spell it but her Before and After Surgery was just remarkable. You can see my photo slides above of the other people’s before and after photos of their face, breasts, saggy tummy and other parts that can be fix by surgery in Korea. I was amazed that time that I am thinking to speak to one of the doctors if what do I need to change on my face or body haha =D But nah, Thank you very much! I am very happy on how I look like. I just needed to visit the gym more frequently and eat more healthy foods hehe.

Isn’t it funny if they actually revealed some famous celebrities from Korea or Even from Malaysia who has done something on their facial structure? I bet Asian’s or maybe western people too would rave about these companies who does all these amazing before and after surgeries. But I was just thinking about the After effect when you grow old as well. You must have lots of money to spend because if not, Just be happy to what God has given you and spend the money to whatever is more valuable than surgery. or Help other people who’s in need. It’s nice if the surgery would be free ya?

Another main reason on how does people can look good, be attractive and neat, is not just their face, body or skin but of course important thing is our hair too. They have different kinds of procedure too that can be done to be able to achieve the hair that you’ve been wanting for so long. And that reminds me to go to the salon too and do something with my super long hair already!

Korea Plaza or Korea Tourism organisation is located at Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur 603-2072.2515 — 603-2072.3552 klkoreaplaza@gmail.com

You can CLICK ME to visit their website and see the available tour packages they have and subscribe to be updated to whats up in Korea and for you chance to attend their future events too!

Like their Social Media Accounts below to be updated as well! They have some korean cooking class, k-pop dance class happening on weekends and you can bring your friends too!

Follow them here: Facebook ~~ Twitter ~~ Youtube 

Thank you all for spending some of your time reading my post/s! Hope you like it! Till next time!



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21 thoughts on “Wondrous K-Beauty & Wellness Show in Malaysia

  1. I know they have a thriving beauty business in Korea. The photos were pretty amazing too. Much to learn.

  2. Such a granduer event and the place was really beautiful. I also love to travel asina countries like korea and malaysia

  3. It looks like you had a great time. Cant wait until I get to see that part of the world.

  4. Awesome event! I want to go to Korea in the future. They have a very rich culture and their food taste good and healthy.

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  6. What an excellent show! Very beautiful and classy, you can see that it was well organized!

  7. How cool to be invited to such a grand event. I love the ceiling in that ballroom. I bet it makes for a magnificent wedding reception location!

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  10. Wow that hotel is gorgeous. It looks like you had a wonderful time, happiness for you

  11. You’re lucky to have long hair! We have four seasons where I live too, and I like three of them. 😉

  12. sounds wonderful and looks like a lot of fun.. it was nice to see and read about this..

  13. Its so fun visiting a new country. It can be nerve wracking too. I also want so say I think its so cool that somewhere in the world there is a woman president.

  14. Looks like a fun and informational event. It is really lifting for the spirit to take the time to look good.

  15. This looks like a very nice event. I would love to be able to attend an event like this one day.

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  18. I’m sure that was an interesting event. Koreans are pretty good when it comes to beauty. I always find myself purchasing Korean make-up and skin care products.

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