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Wine Talk’s Wine Club is the first of its kind in Malaysia. The Wine Club is an exclusive service with no membership fee wherein members will receive wine cases on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, delivered straight to their home. Members will receive great value wines with a different selection every time, hand-picked by David. The selection will feature popular labels and also fun discoveries, which a lot of people may not have thought to try. It comes with a personalized booklet that details the history of the winery, grape varietals, tasting notes, food pairing and more. At only RM428 for 6 bottles and RM788 for 12 bottles with FREE delivery included, personalized selections from David Stephan, Wine Club members will enjoy a wonderful wine experience.

Wine Talk aims to offer more than just a wine delivery service. It aims to deliver a delightful experience, an easier way of life and a pleasurable journey. Great wine selections are created for everyone to enjoy wines without hassle or complication, with more choices and education…Wine Talk makes wine fun, simple and easy.

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Yes! We all had 5 different wines that night. But I did drink more than 5 glasses haha.


How cozy the La Bodega Set Up for the Blogger Event? I can just drink there all night long….


IMG_2380 IMG_2403 Mr. David Stephan and Sir Adrien Explaining some interesting dishes to go with the wine if you are at home with visitors or what food to order when you are in the restaurant and having some wine with friends.IMG_2427 Our table! Yay! Totally enjoyed that night with all the girls around me chit chatting with each other and laughed a lot when we cannot understand some words from Mr. David Stephan + his funny too you know! Not your ordinary french sommelier. He made all this night full of laughter. Plus I miss having a girls night out so that night was memorable! Hope there’s next time! 😉IMG_2428


Sitting with these Bloggers: Jess Lee who was so gorgeous that night, and recalled that it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other and Jq Lee Such a humble girl and yeah, I kinda envy her flawless skin! These kind of girls who are nice to go out with and just unwind with wine.

Wine_Talk_blogger_event_ladies_holding_wine_glass Wine_Talk_blogger_event_ladies And of course these 4 other girls -Kimberly and Alicia first photo above, Then Rebecca and Camie sitting with us! I can still remember How fun that night drinking wine and just laughing the whole time trying out some foods too! Hope to see you all again girls!IMG_2392 IMG_2393 IMG_2405 IMG_2416 IMG_2432 IMG_2444

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IMG_2445 IMG_2450  So the above photo are the TOP 8 Tips on How to Appreciate and taste Wine like PRO! La_Bodega_Pulpo La_Bodega_Gambas La_Bodega_Albondigas La_Bodega_Arroz_Negro La_Bodega_Cheese_Platter

Just compare the foods above as La Bodega advertisement photos, and Compare them to my photos below whom I took personally and tried to taste and I bet ya! What you see is what you get! #malaysiafashionblogger #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #winetalk #malaysia #malaysiafashionblogger #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #winetalk #malaysia

Unlike some other commercials around, The real ones look so different from the ads they make. The taste of the foods above were amazing too! Didn’t tried the one with octopus and the prawns but all the girls with me said that everything taste yummy. Also I almost finish the Arroz Negro con Calamares coz it tasted like the one we had in Philippines too! Love the cheese & biscuits too!

Wine_Talk_david_stephan_with_bloggers_wine_labodega  Photo Opp with Mr. David Stephan

David Stephan is a French sommelier with broad knowledge and experience with wines. Born and raised in France, David was practically drinking wines with every meal. He has traveled to different countries, explored thousands of different wines and developed an expert taste to identify great ones.

Aside from having professional education and background on wines and sommelerie, what makes David extraordinary is his passion for sharing great wines. He has been in the industry for more than 15 years and he still continues to make wine a wonderful experience for everyone. As Wine Talk’s GM and Chief Sommelier, David continuously explores and searches for great wines. He firmly believes that anyone and everyone can find pleasure in wine without complication. With his knowledge, experience and passion, David does all the work required to make all of Wine Talk’s wines have a distinct mark of great quality and satisfaction. This makes wine selection easier for customers. On top of that, David extends his personal advice and service to anyone who needs assistance on wines through Wine Talk’s customer service.


So over all that night was great! Although some of us were late, Ehem! Yeah I was late to the event because It was my first time riding the train at peak hours where Two trains needs to pass because there were so much people! It was crazy! Never gonna happen again. I just don’t have any choice rather than to be stuck in the traffic jam for hours I just had to ride the train, Plus because the taxi driver don’t know where the exact place so I have to use my GPS/Google Maps on my Iphone5s it worked perfectly than his’ Car GPS =P Such a terrible late afternoon But ended with Great People drinking wine & eating foods with me and a great place to see and meet amazing people.

We had Total of 5 different wines from different regions and countries. All the wines we tried that night are exclusive to Wine Talk Malaysia only and you wouldn’t find these in supermarkets or other wine shops. Only the best Wine for the Best People.

If you really want to learn more about wines, it is best to keep trying more. Wine Talk has a special service where wine lovers or enthusiasts can discover more wines that will personally handpicked by David. You just need to join the Wine Club, which is FREE from sign-up or membership fee and receive 6 or 12 bottles of wines every month or 2! Now that sounds amazing isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Guaranteed Price and Guaranteed Satisfaction!

Wine Club and Wine Talk’s wine delivery service are currently available across Peninsular Malaysia. For Further information, Log on to or call 1300 88 97 88

GOOD NEWS JUST FOR YOU! Yes you my lovely readers! That is if you love Wine or If you wanted to try Wine and discover the best wine for you, Or if you need or want to send wine for an event, party, or gathering, Use my special voucher code MJTBLOG50 when you shop at Wine Talk to Enjoy RM50 OFF on your order of RM300 worth of normal-Priced Wines upon check-out!

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Thank you very much To Mr. David Stephan, Celeste Choo, Wine Talk Malaysia and La Bodega for having us that night! It was a memorable and fun night for me! See you all again next time! x0~



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30 thoughts on “Wine Talk Malaysia Blogger Event

  1. Wow what a fabulous night, looks like you all had a fun time! I love wine and learning about pairings.

  2. I know the post is more about the wine, but I have to say my husband would go crazy over those meatballs. Those are his fave, and I don’t think he’s ever had them with lamb.

  3. I would love to go to an event like this!! Thanks for sharing. It looks like a fun, educational and delicious night out.

  4. Wow! that looked awesome getting to try all the different wines. And the food looked amazing and it looked like a great and fun event to attend.

  5. Looks like an awesome time. I would love to be in a wine club. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I would love to join a wine club but I don’t know if we even have that here in Manila.

  7. That’s rad! Love wine clubs, though I haven’t found one that does all that free stuff yet

  8. Never been to a wine tasting event and from the look of it, it would be a great event to attend. Food looks so good!

  9. I love drinking wine. That looked like an awesome event. I hope you had a ball

  10. Looks like a lovely event. I don’t drink and when I did I just couldn’t find a wine I liked. I do know a lot of people who would have loved this though.

  11. I love all the direction they gave you on how to taste it properly. I always love wine pairings and tastings!

  12. Looks like a great event. Food looks delicious–although, since I don’t drink, I don’t know a thing about wine!

  13. What a lovely event that was! The prices for the club seem steep – if my currency conversion is correct. Hope the wine is truly worth it!

  14. I’m a member of a wine club here in PH. I love love love wine-tasting events. It’s always fun and relaxing to attend these kinds of events.

  15. I haven’t had any wine in ages. I really should try some again. Sounds like a great time.

  16. That event seems like it was so much fun. Thanks for sharing the discount code!

  17. On a cruise a long long time ago, I took a little seminar on wine and food pairing. I learned so much, and got quite tipsy during the seminar. This looks like a lot of fun!

  18. I just started to like wine.. this would be a good club for me to be in so i can try different ones.

  19. Wow, this event is very nice and for sure the people had made a fun day with this event.

  20. This sounds great! I love wine clubs like this. Always makes my day when I get my shipment!

  21. Thank you for joining us, MJ! Lovely review! Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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