Avenue K Official Grand Opening June 2014

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With over 120 shops comprised of fashion, food & beverage, entertainment, fitness and everything you need to satiate your lifestyle available under one roof, They aim to serve you with the warmth of their hospitality right here at the brand new Avenue K.

A place where the whole family can enjoy the whole day with all the things they wanted to do. A family friendly Shopping Mall that gives you all the best of both worlds. Yes! Avenue K is located at 156 Jalan Ampang, 50560 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Is a hip shopping haven complimented by a classy, city-living address, “K Residence”. Avenue K is located opposite of KLCC.

The Event Started with Lion/Dragon Dance with such an amazing stunts. A lot of people gathered and attended the event from the VVIP people, Federal Territories Minister, YB Dato’ Tengku Adnan’s inspiring words, Avenue K General Manager, Sue Wang, to Celebrities to Blogger to Most of the Fashionistas you can find in Kuala Lumpur. That explains why Avenue K is a must place for those people who loves fashion. Just lucky to be one of the bloggers to be invited to this event, Of course a big thanks to Social A Lista.com.

It was such a wonderful experience and I totally enjoyed the music and seeing people with DLSR’s everywhere and of course fashionista people taking #selfies using their smartphones with a great Fuchsia Background and pretty in Pink Balloons Everywhere! Definitely a place where girls must hang-out and shop!

Congratulations to Avenue K for the successful Grand Launch. Hope to see more fun and exciting events in the future and more amazing things to do not just for Fashionista’s But for the whole Family in Avenue K.

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*Photo-Credits to the Owner AvenueK for the last 4 photos. Grabbed it from their FB Page as I didn’t have any chance to attend their star studded and full of celebs After Party at the Rooftop!


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32 thoughts on “Avenue K Official Grand Opening June 2014

  1. That was such a grand event and lucky for you to be there on that day. That pink colored theme is so powerful and feminine.

  2. That is going to be a hopping place. What an experience to be there for the opening.

  3. Looks like a great shopping complex. I love all the pink balloon. Sounds like the launch was a great event.

  4. This looked like great fun. I love the sandals with the teal (what looks like teal) toe nails. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a very grand and awesome opening. The pink balloons are superb! I will visit this mall in the future 🙂

  6. It has always been a dream of mine to be under one of them big balloon drops… and they were pink!!! I love it!

  7. Wow! I would love to go shopping at this mall! It is absolutely beautiful, the grand opening party looks so great!

  8. We have a few large malls near me. They are great for the economy. (nerd thought lol) They are also great for finding shoes. (girly thought lol)

  9. everything is launching with such a boom. Love the shots of the balloons dropping.
    Bet you felt special to be a part of that

  10. Sounds like a fun grand opening. 120 shops would keep me busy for a long time. Thanks for all the fun pics.

  11. I love the pink dresses the girls are wearing! So exciting when a new mall or attraction opens- hopefully it is successful after a great grand opening!

  12. I like attending grand openings.. its so new and fresh to see what is going on.. We had a new mall open near us a year ago.. and it was a big bash also!

  13. wow! bongga ng opening…If me and Iris is there she would get plenty of balloons.

  14. Such a spectacular event. Those balloons really had such an effect as they came down.

  15. What a grand grand opening! The balloons are so nice I can’t imagine how they placed it there! So this isn’t in the Philippines but KL?!?

  16. So beautiful! I love those pearlized pink and white balloons! The last time I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur was 2002. I’m sure, a lot has changed since then!

  17. Congratulations to Avenue K on its opening! They went all out and had a huge celebration. Hopefully someday I get to visit KL again and check out the cool new mall.

  18. Fabulous event , i love those pink balloon and confetti . I bet its so much fun attending this kind of launching.

  19. Grand opening! I love one of those pink dress that those ladies are wearing hehehe.


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