#OOTD: Blue and Pink

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Top/Shorts: BTS ~~ Sandals: Bugis Singapore ~~ Purse: Chinatown MY ~~ Sunnies: Kota Raya Earrings: KatiezAccessories ~~ Ring: Random Store in Suria KLCC ~~ Bracelet: Thailand

Yes! Hello Lovies! So sorry for not posting my OOTD last monday as I am so busy haha. I had my friends from Singapore who visited me here and slept over as well. So you know me, If I have friends over here I rarely touch my laptop or even sit in front of my desk. Friends first before anything else. Its not every day that we get to see each other so I always cherish and give all my time and effort just for them. Oh! How I miss them. ;(

I only have few friends right now. But sure all of them are worth my time and effort. Even though most of them are far away from where I am now. We still have that tight communications and make chikka/chismis (gossip) when ever! and still lucky to have friends here in Malaysia too whom I can go out with and have fun as well. You guys know who you are! =D

You know as I am getting older and older and older haha =P that is the time when you realise how important to have “real” friends that can totally understand your every day life. Yes, I am guilty of “those friends” who thinks I am rich or have something because I have a foreign husband ( which usually happens if you are Asian/Filipino) but they don’t really know what’s the life here or what’s my goal. They don’t understand because I am far from them but I mean, Yo! Girl, I am not a Piggy Bank. I don’t spend Peso here in Malaysia. Stop Hatin’ ok lah? & understand my side, not just yours.

I mean, I am sure most of you experience these things as well and not just me. You’ll find those friends whom you don’t need explanations, Those friends who knows your limit to everything. How to have fun with out money involve, how to reach out and how to be crazy any time. I look after those friends. I’m sure if you’ll get to know me more and meet me in person you’ll be surprise how open-minded I am and how I treasure my life, friends, my family. TMI already ya? #emomode =P

Anyways, I hope you like my not so kinda long post and my Outfit Photos! Try to wear sunnies when you view my past or future outfit posts as they have full colours! I guess I can never change these things. I love to add at least a touch of colour/s to my outfit. It looks chic and cute. 😉

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13 thoughts on “#OOTD: Blue and Pink

  1. Nice OOTD! Blue and pink color really match! By the way congrats satin for being nominated as fashion blogger. You really deserve it!

  2. Nice outfit, so casual lang ang dating. Yes, true friends is what we need ..lalo na kung one is aging.

  3. You pulled it off again! Great outfit and it suits you well. If I were younger and not “fluffy” I would have bought something similar. Haha. Too late for me now. 🙂

  4. Wow, you had a sleepover party with friends! Awesome!

    I love sandals! Too cute and pink! I hope they are comfy to wear too 🙂

  5. Hey, I love this! I guess it was my first time to see you wearing in pink! It is refreshing!

  6. Nice combination. Yes, when you get old you realized that you just need few real friends.

  7. Blue and Pink really go well together. I had to check the date and I remembered that June is the months of your colorful outfits.

  8. Excellent combination of colors; the shoes, bag and top. Great OOTD

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