#Giveaway: Win a $50 Gift Card from PinkBasis.Com!

This website is just full of sexyness and everything that a girl wants in her life? Then, I can start saying that I don’t have clothes to wear and just go to this website and plan my outfits in advance from head to toe! Just a complete package for a fashion website! Amazing photos that will excite you to get one for yourself too and be fashionable just by wearing their shoes, clothes or bikinis!

No girl can look like a plain jane if you are wearing one of their amazing collections! Just full of colours, prints and everything you wanted is here! and available anywhere, anytime right at your fingertips! I know you love shopping! Well, I guess girls like us are guilty about that right?

So this is your chance to win yourself a shopping gift card and shop away on their website and choose whatever you like! Don’t forget to do all the steps in the rafflecopter below! Goodluck!

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The Corporation is an internet based fashion company that started with the vision of providing the latest fashion, competitive prices, and superb customer service since 2004. With the company rapid growth and large customer demand for new items. In 2012, PinkBasis.com was launched to introduce unique apparel lines as well as footwear, swimwear, costumes, handbags, and fashion accessories. PinkBasis.com headquarter is based out of one of the nations hottest fashion capitals in Southern California. We have a complete office and warehouse operation with well trained and friendly staff who are dedicated to assist valued customers. Despite the company growth and diversity, our mission has not changed. PinkBasis.com is dedicated to relentless product innovation, competitive pricing, and complete customer satisfaction. With new items being added to the site every week, keep checking back you never know when a celebrity fashion trend may go “From the red carpet to your closet. (source)

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  • Giveaway Starts May 31, 2014 12am – Ends___
  • There is only (1) one winner at the end of this giveaway.
  • Make sure that all of you will do all the steps in the Rafflecopter below. ( I’ll be checking carefully all the entries and give the prize to whom who did all the steps which is very easy and just to be fair to everyone who will join right?) 
  • This blog is not responsible for prize Fulfillment. If you have any concerns go to www.pinkbasis.com Find Contact or Email: support @ pinkbasis.com or email me at tauyanm @ hotmail dot com  (without space, change dot to . )

Hope all of you understood the Giveaway Mechanics above and Let us do this giveaway by doing all the steps in the Rafflecopter below with all honesty. Thank you very much for joining! Goodluck! 😉

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  4. Fabulous giveaway! I would really really love to win. Hope you’ll pick me. 🙂

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    1. congratulations @rebeccaswenor:disqus You’ve won my $50 giftcard pink basis giveaway. Will forward your email now to pinkbasis so they can send you the price asap! Pls reply here or to my Facebook Page with the email address you want them to send your price. Thanks for joining! Happy shopping! Till next time! =)

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