Have Flawless Acne Free Skin Naturally

Everyone dreams of possessing a flawless skin, but acne causes undesirable pimples that completely alter your overall expression. Acne is a skin condition that causes an outbreak of pimples, blemishes and cysts on the visible portions of the body particularly the face, arms and breast. Broadly speaking, acne emerges in adolescence and can instigate low self esteem. Acne is not a life threatening disorder, but yes, it can cause psychosocial disability as it leaves permanent scars.

Many over the counter medication is available that heals the acne pimples. Oral medications treat the root cause of acne and clears with the unwanted pimples. Aside from that, there are surgical alternatives that remove the permanent scars of acne. Apart from all this, there is a cost efficient means of healing acne by opting for healthy lifestyle. It is a fact that more natural is always better for you. There are lots of food items that are great for crystal clean skin and aids in healing acne.

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Stick with the flawless skin regimen, top ten food items that can beat acne and speeds up the acne healing process are as follows:

• Omega 3 fatty acids like Walnuts, flax seeds and fatty fishes are the few good sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed by our body as it fights with inflammation by scavenging free radicals affecting our skin. Omega 3 fatty acids can make your skin glowing and improves the skin texture. It keeps inflammation at a bay and strengthens the skin epidermis
• Beta carotene rich items like Bell peppers, carrots, cantaloupes and sweet potatoes have this magical element holds a great influence on your skin. Adding them in your daily diet enhances your skin colour, texture and strengthens the skin layer
• Watery fruits are something that aids in detoxifying toxins out from the body and maintains your skin hydrated. Cucumber, Watermelon and parsley are watery fruits that replenish the skin
• Selenium is needed to keep the skin elasticity and it can be found in several natural sources like Brazil nuts, onions, tuna fish, mushrooms and seafood.
• Vitamin C boosts your immune system and strengthens cell walls and enhances healing power. Melons, oranges and tomatoes provide protection from acne scarring.
• Green tea has a great antioxidant power which decreases the oxidation damage caused by free radicals. It stops the bacterial infestation induced due to hormonal changes and inflammation.
• Vitamin E plays a lively part in acne healing. Almonds, spinach and olive oil are few examples that expedite the healing of acne damage and scarring process.
• Lemon and lemon juice deeply clean the bacteria from the physical structure and the organs. If you directly apply to the acne scar, it helps in fighting, preventing and decreasing acne scars
• Whole grain, grains, bread offers zinc, which plays as an acne deterrent and reduces acne scars
• Vitamin A sources like bread, spinach fights acne quite well and nourishes your skin as well



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