Wearing Your Shoes Right and the Right Time to Wear Them

It is rightly said that there is shoe for every occasion. You’ll second that ballerinas are for parties, stilettos for high tea or meeting, sneakers for playtime and casual walks and flip-flops are for comfort. However, fashion and trend allows you to mix and match things. For example, you can sport a pair of sneakers with a dress. In fact, a pair of pink Converse worn with a fitted micro-mini dress looks incredibly sensuous; however, until it is just a casual dress that you wear indoors more often than outdoors, a pair of flip-flops won’t go with it. #shoes Similarly, it looks quite foolish to wear open toe flats or pumps in winters. The best winter footwear Thigh high boots are winter footwear. One dressing disaster is wearing thigh high boots with jeans that are paired with a long shirt. That doesn’t fit the word style. In case you have to wear thigh high boots, skip the jeans and wear a long button down shirt with tiny little shorts.


• Sneakers: In case you are thinking about wearing sneakers to a party, you are on the right track. Though this a little new, if you are able to get it right you will be the center of attention for all the right reasons. Sneakers have always been in style. You can wear yellow Converse with a forest green dress. Red Converse shoes are in vogue. Wear them with black, white, yellow or green – they always look good.
• Flip-flops: These footwear are plain and simple in their design; however, worn correctly they can look fabulous. Now, no one is asking you to wear a pair of flip-flops to a meeting but if you have a cute pair, you can definitely wear it with your casuals, to work. These are about comfort so they should be worn as leisure wear. And no matter, how crazily fun the idea of wearing them on your wedding might sound, that is a complete NO.
• Shoes: These are often misinterpreted as boots. The two are different. Shoes are more formal while boots are not. Anyway, the world has become used to using the two terms interchangeably. These can be worn with a number of cloth types, for example, with your formal trousers, jeans as well as with skirts. Dr. Martens is one brand that sells an amazing collection of shoes/boots online. You can purchase some of the most creative footwear from this brand that resonates the spirit of rebellion.
• Summer Shoes: Call them summer shoes or spring shoes, these footwear, as the name suggests, are meant to be worn in summer season. These include peep-toes, pumps, flats and other footwear that let your feet breathe and don’t make them sweaty.

When you buy shoes online, boots, sneakers or any other type of footwear, you must keep in mind that apart from the design and the style, the comfort of your feet should not be ignored. There are certain things that one must pay heed to while shopping online. For example, the place that he or she is making the purchase from, directly affects the purchase decision. In case you are looking for footwear online, go only for reputed names in the market. Also, regularly look for discounts and ongoing deals. These will help you save the money. Before you make a purchase, read the terms and conditions as well as the return policy of the retailer carefully.



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9 thoughts on “Wearing Your Shoes Right and the Right Time to Wear Them

  1. I generally call footwear as “shoes” and all the categories or types are sandals, flip-flops, boots, wedges, sneakers, etc. Great article and appreciate the tips!

  2. Buying shoes online is pretty scary and nerve wracking for me! Haha! It’s like my feet have a mind of their own and I find myself gravitating towards 7,8, and 9! It’s so weird. Definitely, there’s a right time for every kind of footwear, too. People need to know the difference 🙂

  3. I really wished I could pull off a dress with a sneaker. medyo afraid lang magtry. hehe

  4. I guess it would depend on the theme of the occasion and what you are comfortable with.

  5. Good tip sis, I always do that when buying online. See to it that it is a good site, and what you see on the online shop is really what you get. Sometimes it look nice and pretty on the site but when the product is delivered…Discouragement!

  6. it pays off to have at least a single pair of different types of footwear. But most importantly, don’t sacrifice the comfort to your feet especially if your suffering foot problems or injuries.

  7. Very good tip here. I learned lots of new idea on hwhen to wear my flip=flop.. ha,ha,ha..

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