#OOTD: Little Black Dress

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Wearing and Featuring Another Katiez Accessories for the Month of May! Click below to see the accessories in close-up photos: Click to see the NECKLACE ~ EARRINGS ~ BRACELET 😉 Dress: BTS: Shoes: ninety nine 9000 Bag: MBK Thailand Watch: Vincci Sunnies: BB plaza.

Click here: www.facebook.com/katiezcorner to start shopping! Sure is you will all love their designs =) Don’t forget to like their Facebook Page and Instagram account below for more latest updates of their accessories!

Facebook : www.facebook.com/katiezcorner
Instagram : @katiezaccessories WeChat : katiezcorner

Hello loves! Its been raining like crazy here in Malaysia this past week and I am not complaining at all. Since it’s been very hot too either afternoon then it will rain like 6pm and vice versa. Though I’ve been reading some floods some where in kuala Lumpur so keep safe everyone! To all, Drive safely!

Anyhow, Girls can never have enough LBD’s or little black dresses in their closet that suits any occasions, Whole year round. You just needed those little bits of styling. Of course Everyones Fashion Icon Audrey Hepburn is the bomb in wearing LBD’s Don’t you just loved her! 😉

I posted on my Facebook Page (Click ME to like) Yesterday If you guys have any idea on what to Giveaway here in my blog in the future so I know what my readers would love to receive if ever. Its been a long time since a had a Giveaway So I guess we needed some fun again right? Any fashion or Beauty Related Things you can think of that is nice to giveaway, Just let me know on the comment box below. Would love to know my readers Opinion. Hope you like this Outfit post! x0 😉



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