#OOTD: Pearls and LBD

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#ootd #katiezaccessories #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom

Wearing and Featuring Another Katiez Accessories for the Month of May! Click below to see the accessories in close-up photos: Click to see the NECKLACE ~ EARRINGS ~ BRACELET 😉    Dress: BTS – Shoes & Bag: Charles and Keith – Sunnies: BB Plaza Watch: Vincci

For discount code please enter tauyanm_katiez to enjoy 15% discount off on all items in Katiez’s Facebook page. Click here: www.facebook.com/katiezcorner to start shopping! Promotion is valid until May15! Sure is you will all love their designs =) Don’t forget to like their Facebook Page and Instagram account below for more latest updates of their accessories!

Facebook : www.facebook.com/katiezcorner
Instagram : @katiezaccessories WeChat : katiezcorner

Hello loves! I know it is summer and here I am being so anti-summer and wearing black for the whole month of MAY! I will be giving you or posting some Clubbing or Party outfit inspirations for this month so Just so you know this is what I wear when I go partying out with my girls ( before ) Lol Not really, But its been a long time since I had girls night out, I guess since we’ve moved here in Malaysia So I’m hoping to meet more girls here to party with. I guess all the girls Needs it at least once a week haha. But of course I am happy to go with my husband too since we go bar hopping at least twice a week every friday & saturday. We’re just so lucky enough that we have lots of time for each other and have some relaxing time going out just the two of us & that is really important. 😀

I would like to Give a Big THANK YOU to all the people who voted for me on the recent contest I joined at 1utama shopping/OOTD contest. I didn’t get the First 3 winners though I am one of the top 10 so I get to claim my consolation prize. Thank you guys for supporting me whenever I needed those precious time and votes of yours! I really Appreciate it a lot. You know who you are, and of course I know who are those people since I can see who Liked the Page hahaha n_____n Thanks!

Till next time! Just buzz me on my page or profile when you needed my support too! x0x0 😉



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43 thoughts on “#OOTD: Pearls and LBD

  1. I think every woman is entitled to a little black dress (no matter what shape they are in). I just like the way the pearls complimented the entire outfit. Black against white, White against black. Gorgeous!

  2. I am with you, though we love of course our date with our hubby, but we need the time off with the girls too 🙂 you look dashing, as always.

  3. not a fan of the outfit.. but you can rock it, it’s nice there’s a coupon as well

  4. Such a cute outfit for a night on the town! I especially love those gladiator sandals!!

  5. congrats for the win! More power to you there in Malaysia! it may seemed you have adjusted well enough naman na eh. so you can have your night out again, lol. BI, haha

  6. Love your shoes! They definitely made you look taller and more stunning. Love also how the outfit fits our temp in the philippines 🙂

  7. Whoa hehe I think partying and bar hopping for more than once in a week is too much already.

  8. Beautiful outfit! Great coupon for the readers. I love how it all looks together!

  9. The pearls and LBD are a match. But I think I’ll choose a simpler style of shoes for this, no studs.

  10. This black outfit with pearls fit you very well. Nice tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s style.

  11. Being one of the Top 10 is still okay. Consolation prizes are great, too! You are praise-worthy. 🙂

  12. That Pretty Little Black Dress is so gorgeous on you and also those Pearl accessories but I hope you will choose one of them on which you want to stand out because you have to focus on one factor in able for an statement to be applauded.

  13. I really like the pearls with the all black outfit. It makes them stand out a lot.

  14. You’re awesome good with fashion. You’ve talent and skills when it comes to dressing.

  15. 15% discount is a lot ah! I will check out that site and take my chance to buy great items. 🙂

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