360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur at Lanai Matic 2014

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I guess this is the first ever bazaar I’ve been to since we moved here in Malaysia or maybe I have been to others but cannot recall anymore. My sister and I bought a lot of accessories 3 for 10! plus they are not those plastic ones so I guess it was a steal! I wanted to go back on the second day of the Bazaar but didn’t managed to as I wanted to buy some flat shoes worth at-least mininum of 10RM.

I say this Bazaar was fun though I found some clothes weren’t so bargain at all. Prizes still at least 40RM plus which I am expecting to see more 10RM ones hehe like what I see in Berjaya Times Square. I’ve seen some stalls who sell 10RM-5RM but the clothes were just place in a basket or something like that. I guess more people will be interested to look for those clothes if they were placed properly with hangers it would’ve been so much easier for the buyer and it will look more presentable than just been thrown in the basket. Just my opinion tho.

All in all the 360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur was a hit event for me! The place was balanced with all the quirky, fashionable, rockstar and everything you can think of! Specially a lot of food variety to choose from! Thumbs Up for that! Good Job to all who organised this event! Looking forward to much more Bazaars here in KL Malaysia! Hope you enjoyed the photos! Have a nice day all!

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14 thoughts on “360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur at Lanai Matic 2014

  1. Wow! That’s the kind of bazaar I would love to visit. There are great items available!

  2. I like going to bazaars like this especially when i know i could save a lot in good deals and great finds.

  3. This kind of bazaar is such a hit especially for teens since there’s a lot of unique items to find. 🙂

  4. Ahh that big pink lips bag! It’s so cute!There’s so many cute accessories too. 🙂

  5. It seems fun and the sales made it nicer because of the cheap items as it suppose to. Hope to go there sometime.

  6. I so love going to Bazaars, I am totally loving the items in the photos. I am missing bazaar hunting of fabulous items.

  7. Whats a fashionista’s besfriend?It would be bazaars like this! I agree with you though that the dresses should have been on hangers instead on boxers. Easier to check on them that way.

  8. They do have a lot of items in the bazaar. I’m sure you had a great time shopping here.

  9. I love going to bazaars because I think it’s just such a fantastic way to go bargain hunting! I wish there was more of this here in Manila! 🙂

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