#OOTD: Paneled Dress

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Wearing Oasap All Matching Paneled Dress. Click the link below to buy one or to see other designs: http://www.oasap.com/dresses/35537-all-matching-paneled-dress.html?fuid=120113              Shoes: NewLook Bag: MBK Thailand Sunnies/Ring: Thrifted Necklace: Tmart.com

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! It’s been a quiet normal day like here in Malaysia and didn’t even managed to get any Easter Eggs in the shop hehe. I’m not feeling well this past week now *cough! *cough! I enjoyed eating my sweets too much I guess so I had this Sore-throat and led me to this flu thing which I am not so happy about. Hope that I’ll stop coughing very soon as I have an event to go to this Friday.

About the outfit, It is another dress as you can see and a big size for me too. It feels right wearing it in person though like if I go to a casual sun-date or saturday walk with my friends in the mall it is such a nice dress to wear. Though looking at the photos it carried my body away thinking that I have a super wide hips or I look like a Pregnant hehe. Well if you’re indeed pregnant, You will totally love this dress. So far, I am loving wearing the dresses. So hope I can wear a lot of them in the future.


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