Romwe: Easter Break is Just Around the Corner

Easter break is just around the corner. Have you prepared Easter lily? Have you made Easter eggs? Have you been available for Easter bunny? Have you get ready for Easter sales at Romwe’s. It’s high time to create a new look for yourself. Throw off your coat, sweater and scarf and embrace a new around of sales of Romwe.

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Need new attire for Easter Day? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have tons of adorable girl’s clothes to dress up for Easter Sunday. Click here:–Happy-Easter-c-500.html Up to 75%off. Hurry up!

More than 1000 styles. There is always a suitable one for you! 
Start from Apr 15th, end on Apr 22nd. Shipping within 24 hours.

By the way, the white lace blouse in 3D embroidery will be $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%.

Get yours here now:–romwe-hollowout-lace-crochet-white-blouse-p-66056.html Beginning at 1:00am GMT April 17th, Lasts only 24 hours, limited pieces available. 



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14 thoughts on “Romwe: Easter Break is Just Around the Corner

  1. Oh, I missed this great sale. Sigh! Still, I want to check out this website to look for blouses and dresses. — Maria Teresa Figuerres

  2. finally nakapasok din..
    i love that lacey blouse but i dont think it will be nice on me. bulging tummy! 😛 i heard a lot of good reviews on romwe will order some items from them one of this day.

  3. I love the dresses in Romwe! 🙂 Been a customer ever since they started! ^_^

  4. I’m a devout Catholic but didn’t do any of those for Easter other than attending church services that day.

  5. Big sale indeed from Romwe! But how was it anyway? 😀

    Speaking of Easter Sunday, we had our Easter egg hunt in our house and that was tons of fun! 😀

  6. No, I haven’t prepared anything for Easter coz I am not a Catholic 🙂
    I haven’t tried out Romwe yet but I have heard a lot of good things about it.

  7. I love the products at Romwe! I was able to buy a scarf, a legging, a sunglasses, and a purse from them in the past courtesy of some giftcards I was given.

  8. I have really heard a lot of good stuff from Romwe. I just wish we could wear those outfits in the photo here during Easter. It is still a little too cold to be exposing some skin. But maybe in some parts of North America, these outfits are perfect!

  9. nice, i like rowme’s products and clothes designs..its a nice and big discount they have lately.

  10. I love Romwe and i just bought new coat from Romwe! I love when they do sale on site! LOL

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