To Buy, Or Not To Buy A Facial Mask

A little girl woke up in the middle of the night, hungry and craving for her mom’s homemade cookies. She went to her mom’s room and screamed when she saw a stranger. The stranger actually looked familiar, except for the oatmeal-like mask on her face. The stranger told her not to be scared. Wait, the stranger’s voice was like her mom’s!

The stranger went to the bathroom and removed something from her face and when she emerged from the bathroom, the girl was surprised to see her mom. So, that was her mom, with oatmeal on her face.

The girl, now a working mom herself, learned how to make those homemade facial masks. Her mom handed down to her the beauty regimens. Oatmeal, honey, lemon, egg-whites, olive oil and more. She used her mom’s beauty regimens when she was still single. Now, she barely has time to do it herself.

Instead, she buys readymade facial masks from the department stores and other beauty outlets even in online stores.


What do you think? Would it be the same? What really is a facial mask?

Facial masks do the following: cleanse the skin; remove impurities; tighten and nourish; heal scars and blemishes; soothe; and give your skin an added glow. However, you need to know your skin type to be able to choose the right facial mask for you.

Going back, is there a difference between homemade and store-bought facial masks? Well, actually, the benefits you get are almost the same. The amount you spend differs. You still spend for the ingredients of your home made facial masks, but less than buying ready-made ones.

On the other hand, facial masks sold at beauty retail stores and online shops give you the ease of being able to use right away. No need to exert effort in the preparation of doing your home made facial mask.

Different brands are being sold; prices depend on how upscale the product is. Different types, too. There are facial masks in gel, clay, facial masks in squeeze tubes, cloth and rubber masks type.

There are also facial masks that need to be applied only by professionals. These are more expensive, well of course.

Store-bought or homemade, facial masks need to become a part of your beauty regimen. Others do it once or twice a week. Some do it daily.

There is even a greater demand for facial mask products now after celebrities claim that they have younger-looking skin with the daily application of facial masks. Products from China, Korea, Iberia, US have invaded the market.

That is how in demand facial masks are, nowadays. It is now a matter of testing and trying and knowing which facial mask brand will give you the highest satisfaction. Or, you can experiment at home on which Do-it-yourself facial mask will work for you.

Egg-whites, clay, oatmeal, honey, olive oil, are among the commonly used ingredients in homemade facial masks. So, you decide.



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12 thoughts on “To Buy, Or Not To Buy A Facial Mask

  1. i wish to know how to make out what ever is available in our kitchen .hihihi ..i want someone to scream as well when they see me . lol

  2. I love using facial mask once a week, aside from the skin care benefits it’s also relaxing.

  3. When I feel so stressed, I just choose whichever scent of facial mask in Watsons and apply it on my face for about 20 minutes before sleeping. My face feels instantly refreshed afterwards.

  4. I’ve never used a facial mask before–I didn’t know there were so many different types and options!

  5. I love doing mud masks I like to look like a monster and scare the kids :). But also I love that they leave my skin so soft

  6. The girls just did mud masks last night 🙂 I have always wanted to make our own just never get around to it, much easier and quicker to just buy them!

  7. I have been thinking I need to starting more time for myself and doing a mask to pamper myself would be awesome!

  8. I never try using the mask yet 🙂 but I really want to try especially my face is very oily 🙁

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