#OOTD: Sweet Chic in Denim Dress

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Wearing Oasap Denim Dress, Click me to Buy & to See More Designs like this!                        Shoes: NewLook Singapore, Bag&Dream Catcher Necklace from Thailand, Pants&Sunnies: BTS.

Hello loves!! Took this photo this morning! I totally forgot that it is monday already and Every Monday means a New Outfit Post so at least I managed to get this blogpost done before dinner time! The top I am wearing here is supposed to be a dress, which I saw to Oasap Site that Other people who purchased it wore it as a dress. I tried too but then the Dress is in the middle of that Tiny Silver Lining, Asking myself, is this a dress or not a dress for my height? Then I tried to take a photo that’s when I decided that the dress is too small and short for my height to be a dress.

It is like deciding whether is it a shorts? or super shorts? But anyways, I would like to tell you guys that my plan was to have a Full Outfit Post wearing Dresses For the month of April but this one seems to be an epic fail. Though, Next monday You will see my very first Outfit Post wearing a dress. Which I hope, that I don’t make your minds wonder so much on how do I look like wearing a dress ok? I just thought exploring and trying new things this 2014 would be a good thing for me and for my blog so I won’t bore you guys with all my Jeans or Pants Outfit Posts. Hope you like it! x0~


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34 thoughts on “#OOTD: Sweet Chic in Denim Dress

  1. I love your shoes! The color pink makes your ootd look more beautiful and chic 🙂

  2. Your shoes is so pink and chic! And i like how you mix and match your outfit. 🙂

  3. Very lovely!! You pulled off those pink shoes so well! The top is just sooo stunning! ♥♥♥

  4. Oh gosh! I love love the heels and sunnies <3
    Yay! I am excited to see you in dress I'm sure you'll look more gorgeous *winks

  5. You always look great in everything you wear and your OOTD is perfect for this summer season.. 🙂

  6. Bagay na bagay! sure ako Bet ni Teh Riz yang danglings mo. Ipamigay mo na yang dream catcher para matupad naman mga pangarap namin. lol

  7. Why don’t you try shooting outdoors, I think the natural light will make your look more astounding and also more natural. I like your OOTD’s and you be prettier if you will try my suggestion but that is just my thought (insisting) he he,

    1. i would love too but its too much hassle for me haha our condo doesn’t have a roof top and I only take my photos myself using timer hehe much easier for me inside our house hehe thanks for d headsup though kenneth! appreciate it a lot! =

  8. I love the shoes. And you really look good in your outfit. The blouse cum dress looks cute!

  9. My favorite is the dress! Gorgeous details!! And the subtle pairing of pink is a really nice trick! 🙂

  10. very cuteee love 🙂
    though something is throwing me off.. i feel like it’s either the pants or shoes.. maybe try a diff color? haha idk, cute though!

  11. so cute!! can you try wearing them without the pants? I think it would really looks so cool! 🙂

  12. Well, certainly I love those pumps! Any boring outfit would rock when you wear those shoes. 🙂 I mean it’s shouting PINK! 🙂

  13. Lovely OOTD with matching accessories…it fits to your passion and personality.

  14. Weee~ this outfit is perfect for school! Love the shoes. Haven’t tried shopping at Oasap but they do really have a very nice clothes collection.

  15. Super cute coordinate! I’m in love with your shoes too. They remind me of Barbie heels! 🙂

  16. Ang sexy ng dress sis!! love it! bagay sayo <3 perfect for summer to. hihihi.. pwede mo rin siya suotin by the beach 😉

    1. wish ko nga mgbeach sis jusko in my dreams nlng yta haha thank you dear! x0~

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