#OOTD: Sweet Chic in Denim Dress

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Wearing Oasap Denim Dress, Click me to Buy & to See More Designs like this!                        Shoes: NewLook Singapore, Bag&Dream Catcher Necklace from Thailand, Pants&Sunnies: BTS.

Hello loves!! Took this photo this morning! I totally forgot that it is monday already and Every Monday means a New Outfit Post so at least I managed to get this blogpost done before dinner time! The top I am wearing here is supposed to be a dress, which I saw to Oasap Site that Other people who purchased it wore it as a dress. I tried too but then the Dress is in the middle of that Tiny Silver Lining, Asking myself, is this a dress or not a dress for my height? Then I tried to take a photo that’s when I decided that the dress is too small and short for my height to be a dress.

It is like deciding whether is it a shorts? or super shorts? But anyways, I would like to tell you guys that my plan was to have a Full Outfit Post wearing Dresses For the month of April but this one seems to be an epic fail. Though, Next monday You will see my very first Outfit Post wearing a dress. Which I hope, that I don’t make your minds wonder so much on how do I look like wearing a dress ok? I just thought exploring and trying new things this 2014 would be a good thing for me and for my blog so I won’t bore you guys with all my Jeans or Pants Outfit Posts. Hope you like it! x0~


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