Tips To Keep Your Clothes in Good Condition

Nobody wants to go out and buy a new wardrobe every year. Who has the time? And perhaps more importantly, who has the money? A better plan is to care for the clothes you have so they last well into the future. Then, you can treat yourself to a new item every so often, while still maintaining that core capsule wardrobe.


With that in mind, here are some tips on how you can look after your clothes:

 Read the labels

First, take notice of the item’s label. Some clothes, such as sweaters and black trousers, are better washed in a cold cycle to avoid shrinking, misshaping and any possible fading of the colour. If you use a combination washer dryer, be sure to stick to just the wash cycle, in order to avoid the same pitfalls.

You can afford to take labels that say ‘dry clean recommended’ with a pinch of salt and simply hand wash the item yourself. However, if the label reads ‘dry clean only,’ then it’s best to take this quite literally. You want the item to last, so let the experts take the lead on these.

Sort well

Just how you wash your clothes will also have an impact on their condition and how long they last. First things first – sort well. This doesn’t just mean whites with whites and colours with colours. It’s also best to sort according to the type of fabric, specifically regarding weight, and amount of dirt as well.

Pair your jeans with towels, as heavy items can be quite harsh on a washing machine, and wash your muddy trousers, socks and jumpers in a load by themselves. Dirt can break down fibres, so washing extremely soiled clothes with items that are only somewhat dirty can end up distressing them all.

Delicate items, such as those made of silk and satin, can be washed together but only on a delicate cycle. Use cold water to be as kind as possible to these delicate fabrics and consider using a mesh bag, so they don’t get tangled up during the cycle.

Limit treatment

Finally, limit any sort of treatment. Bleach, in particular, can wear down fabrics. Even ironing – if the temperature is too high – can decrease the lifespan of your clothes. Be sure to read the label for any ironing instructions, and follow them to a tee, no matter how impatient you get!

So, with a few simple tips, you can keep your clothes in good condition, for a long time.



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