#OOTD: WIW Support Earth Hour

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Shoes: Charles & Keith ~ Blouse&Pants: BTS ~ Purse: MBK ~ Sunnies: BB Plaza ~~~
Bejeweled Earrings/Bracelet/Necklace from Katiez Corner Shop. For discount code please enter  fashiontravels_katiez to enjoy 20% discount off on all items in Katiez’s Facebook page.            Click here: www.facebook.com/katiezcorner to start shopping! Promotion is valid from 10th – 31st March 2014. Sure is you will all love their designs as I do So start Shopping! =) Don’t forget to like their Facebook Page and Instagram account below for more latest updates of their accessories!

Facebook         : www.facebook.com/katiezcorner
Instagram         : @katiezcorner                                                                                                      WeChat            :     katiezcorner

Hello you guys another set of Black Outfit for today But I am not wearing my Marc Jacobs Black Sunnies if you were to ask why? Well it is so obvious that I’ve got too much black happening here already. As you know I love wearing it and I love wearing sunnies to all of my outfit posts for the reason that it helps me hide my eye-bugs plus it gives me more of that kick and spice to my looks.

As the title goes… I am joining the WIW Supports Earth Hour. So wish me luck in this contest pls! Talking about Earth Hour, Last Year’s Celebration was a blast. Malaysia started the party and Earth Hour with 2 days of our favourite Singers Like 2ne1, Backstreetboys, Demi Lovato and a K Pop Group I am not familiar with hehe that’s all for free. Don’t you just love a free concert? Well This March 28-29 Another set of Free Concert introducing Christina Aguilera, Lifehouse and many more! So much happenings this March plus the Balloon fest, Grand prix & Malaysia Int’l Shoe Festival.

Don’t forget to join my Giveaways as well! More to come! x0~  Click this to Join Open Int’l.



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