#OOTD: WIW Support Earth Hour

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Shoes: Charles & Keith ~ Blouse&Pants: BTS ~ Purse: MBK ~ Sunnies: BB Plaza ~~~
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Hello you guys another set of Black Outfit for today But I am not wearing my Marc Jacobs Black Sunnies if you were to ask why? Well it is so obvious that I’ve got too much black happening here already. As you know I love wearing it and I love wearing sunnies to all of my outfit posts for the reason that it helps me hide my eye-bugs plus it gives me more of that kick and spice to my looks.

As the title goes… I am joining the WIW Supports Earth Hour. So wish me luck in this contest pls! Talking about Earth Hour, Last Year’s Celebration was a blast. Malaysia started the party and Earth Hour with 2 days of our favourite Singers Like 2ne1, Backstreetboys, Demi Lovato and a K Pop Group I am not familiar with hehe that’s all for free. Don’t you just love a free concert? Well This March 28-29 Another set of Free Concert introducing Christina Aguilera, Lifehouse and many more! So much happenings this March plus the Balloon fest, Grand prix & Malaysia Int’l Shoe Festival.

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35 thoughts on “#OOTD: WIW Support Earth Hour

  1. You always pull off whatever it is that you wear, may it be for an event or for a good cause. Chic!

  2. I have the same pair of sandals that you are wearing in your photos above 😀 for the Earth Hour, we decided to wear any red dress or top to show our support for the super heroes around the world especially that the first hero ambassador is Spider Man 🙂

  3. I love the OOTD and I don’t care if it is all black. It’s a great combination 😀

  4. Wow! You are sooooooo cute with your outfit. Slightly conservative yet fabulous.


  5. Black is back! Whoa those are killer hills I don’t dare wear 🙂 I love it. Can you kick on those shoes?

  6. Those shoes is LOVE. I’m looking for tough looking wedges since heels like your are too high for my taste. Besides, it’s difficult for commuters like me.

  7. Those set of accessories gave that black outfit a shine but I would rather not wear that shade anymore because it is grabbing the attention of your earrings and necklace and also it will hide those beautiful eyes but overall it is a nice OOTD

  8. Nice outfit, you can never go wrong with black. It’s nice to see the support for zarth hour. World wide.

  9. WOAH. That’s how Malaysia celebrate Earth Hour? Must visit there next year. You look like a spy here. Your looks are awesome as always. 😀

  10. You look stunning as always Sis 🙂 My fave are your accessories. They are beautiful and colorful.


  11. I like the whole ensemble. I’m just too scared to try those stiletto heels.

    Ria C

  12. fab and chic!..i love the accesories actually! especially the earrings. I should visit more of your blog to get some tip in fashion 😛

  13. Black is a very dramatic color. You look great and fab with your outfit. It goes well with your accessories.

  14. the best way to zest up a monotone outfit is to add some colourful accessories like what you did. looking great!


  15. i so agree with you, if you wore the black sunny, it may be too much, the brown sunny actually contrasted the black so perfectly, and as always, you look great!

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