Euphoric x FashionTravels #Giveaway!

Hello Everyone! Another Giveaway for all of you!! This time I will be choosing 15 lucky winners! Stand a chance to win a creative, functional, quirky and fun products from Euphoric Asia to jazz up your everyday living and to finish your simple outfit looks into a fabulous one! Goodluck! =)

Euphoric believes that stylish functional living can serve as daily inspiration. Fast paced metropolitan living requires exquisite designs that are highly functional, which is why every product on Euphoric is hand-picked to beautify while enhancing efficiency and practicality.

Euphoric’s wide selection of imaginative and thoughtful designs adds a witty spin on the mundane; aiming to improve your home, life and outlook. Discover our array of creative, functional and fun designs to jazz up ordinary living and brighten your day, every day.


  • 15 lucky winners of the 15 prizes.
  • Malaysia Residents only.
  • Giveaway starts March 14, 2014 12midnight — Ends March 31, 2014 12midnight MY Time.
  • This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. If you have any concerns please contact the host Euphoric Asia. 

So let’s do this Giveaway Old School Style rather than using the rafflecopter which I always use but then I just thought that this would be easy since I will be just asking some few mechanics for you to do and follow to be able to win the prize that you like on the photos above. Make sure you that you’ll do everything as Euphoric Asia and myself will be checking all the entries so just to be fair with everyone! Hope everything I stated above is clear! Don’t forget to share it with your friends too! x0~

  1. IMPORTANT: Click This to go on Euphoric Asia Website. 
  2. Register using your email address or Facebook or Twitter Account if you’re new to their site.
  3. Then choose a product that you like best.
  4. Like and Leave a Comment on that product page on their website using fb comments below the product photo and Tell us why you like that product best!


  1. Like Euphoric Asia Facebook Page. Click me to Like!
  2. Like Fashion Travels Facebook Page. Click me to Like!
  3. Follow Euphoric Asia Twitter Page: Click me to follow!
  4. Follow tauyanm/Fashion Travels Twitter page: Click me to follow!
  5. If you have Instagram, Please Follow tauyanm/Fashion Travels: Click me to follow 


Comment the following on my Disqus box below for contact & checking purposes:                             1. Full Name                                                                                                                                        2. Email Address

Good Luck everyone! Just follow all those easy steps to win one of the amazing prizes above! Scroll down to see the bigger photos of the prizes! x0~                                                                              Click this for more Intermational Giveaways available here on my blog! See you there!

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