#OOTD: Bow Purse and Jumpsuit

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Shoes: Zara ~ Jumpsuit: SGBugis ~ BowPurse: H&M ~ Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs ~~~
Bejeweled Earrings & Bracelet from Katiez Corner Shop. For discount code please enter  fashiontravels_katiez to enjoy 20% discount off on all items in Katiez’s Facebook page.            Click here: www.facebook.com/katiezcorner to start shopping! Promotion is valid from 10th – 31st March 2014. Sure is you will all love their designs as I do So start Shopping! =) Don’t forget to like their Facebook Page and Instagram account below for more latest updates of their accessories!

Facebook         : www.facebook.com/katiezcorner
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Hello everyone! First ootd this March 2014 hurray! Will be featuring Katiez Corner Shop Accessories for the whole month of March so I hope you guys will find it very nice and I mean it is summer already right?! Those accessories are full and complete with summer colours! Like they are the bomb that will complete you summer and give life to your simple outfit.

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37 thoughts on “#OOTD: Bow Purse and Jumpsuit

  1. Your jumpsuit totally complements with your shoes. So chica! You never fail to amaze me with the way you style yourself.

  2. I love the look! I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits (even though going to the toilet with them is a total pain, isn’t it?) and i’m in love with your purse (arghhh why we have no H&M in Indonesia T.T!!!) and your bracelet!

  3. What a stylish ribbon pink clutch that perfectly matches you other accessories- the bracelet and the earrings. Absolutely love that outfit! http://www.thegodwithinu.com/

  4. I always want to wear jumpsuits but I find it a struggle whenever I go to the washroom 😀

    I love the bow clutch! 🙂

  5. I totally like that jumpsuit – I am inlove with jumpsuits lately! You rocked this outfit!

    1. no. it is not a favourite sunnies. just wearing it to hide my eyes with huge eyebugs and thought it looks much better than other sunnies I have. plus it gives more kick to the looks as well. thanks.

  6. That Bow Purse is so cute and also your other accesories and about the Jumpsuit I can’t say much because it looks so good on you.

  7. Great outfit! You look so chic with it! The great thing is, only a few could pull of what you have right now and you’re rocking it! 😀

  8. I love the color combination of your bow purse and your outfit. And it really looks nice on you.

  9. I like how this jumpsuit is so simple yet offers a classy fashionista look! Your earrings are heavy?

    1. Hi Roch! Not that heavy compare to other earrings I have. mahaba lng tlg yung hole since I wear much heavy earrings everyday hehe nabanat na xa =)

  10. Very cool and easy to walk with this clothing. Try some other soft fabric for summer.

    1. Hi kuya @fernando I am trying my best to wear more colours but sometimes black still wins hehe thank you po!

  11. The jumpsuits looks good on you! I wanna try long jumpsuits like this too para mag mukha akong matangkad! 😀 Haha

    1. Hi sis! I am having a hard time finding a floor length jumpsuits for me they are all bitin for my height. though i found that mango shop or those branded ones are long enough for me hehe thank you sis!

  12. OMG!! Buti ka pa sis.. you can wear playsuit very well! hindi bagay saakin ang ganyan kase I’m too short :((

    P.S. You’re very pretty sis! love the accessories!!! 🙂

    1. thank you sis rhea! I idolized you naman on how you carry outfits wearing all types of skirts! you always look so fab! x0~

  13. wow,i love your outfit,is it available here in the philippines? i want one,a lovely outfit on my son’s graduation!

    1. Hi Dear! @sherryanngolecruz:disqus I guess you can find jumpsuit anywhere now. For sure sa Mall or anywhere they sell clothes. Just Say you are looking for a “Jumpsuit” I bought 2 bow purses nga pla hehe pra meron din ako then yung isa I sent to you from winning my giveaway . goodluck! x0~ =)

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