Marini’s 57: Malaysia’s Highest Rooftop Bar, Lounge & Restaurant

Hello guys! Just a quick photo diary blog-post today about Marini’s 57. We had dinner there the other night as my husband and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary and this time a dinner just for the two of us hehe. We usually celebrate everything with the whole family so this one is kinda romantic for the both of us on the day of our anniversary. Though my husband is not feeling well at all he managed to go to this dinner with me and survived the whole night just fine.

Hope you guys will appreciate the photos. I was using my Iphone 5s to take all the photos that night so at least I can have something to remember and to share with you guys too. #marinis57  Marini’s on 57 Bar.#marinis57  Marini’s on 57 restaurant.#marinis57 #marinis57  Marini’s on 57 lounge.#marinis57 All the photos above are not mine. Credits to the owners/Marini’s 57. Grabbed them from the web so you guys can see how gorgeous the place is since I wasn’t able to take nice & clear photos last night.#marinis57  Panorama shots I took last night. Outside view and the restaurant plus my husband drinking his beer.#marinis57 View from where we were sitting last night. The Menara KL Tower and can somebody spot our condo? Its amazing! I can just wave from my sister if she will be able to stand in the balcony haha! #marinis57 That is the condominium where we staying. The building with 3 towers. #marinis57#marinis57 The Public Bank and Little bit of Petronas Towers. #marinis57 #marinis57   The view from the smoking area in their restaurant.#marinis57 My husband having a quick smoke before we leave that night. #marinis57  They first Served us this different kinds of bread and some sparkling water with lemons + beer.#marinis57#marinis57 #marinis57 #marinis57  Marini’s Tiramisu! It was so yummy. My photo not giving the justice how yummy it is hehe.#marinis57 The waiter served us this complimentary caramelized sweets after our dinner. Didn’t tried it though I am sure it is yummy. Another complimentary chocolate was given to me after that as well which is too sweet to eat alone. Must eat it with coffee or tea. #marinis57  Look how gorgeous the Wines beside me. and Yeah of course I had a Chardonnay that night too.#marinis57  This weird plant was served to us before our food which I didn’t managed to explore and try. #marinis57 #marinis57  Photo from your right side is the Menara 3. Can you see the red light at the top? That’s Marini’s 57?#marinis57 My hashtag #selfie at Marini’s 57. Yeah. I gained 2kls. I gotta start running again hehe. I’ve been eating so much cookies and chocolates for the past months without exercising so… T____T#marinis57  Of course! Selfie w/ my loving husband. He managed to at least smile even if his not so feelin’ well.#marinis57And You will receive this free take-away croissant from Marini’s 57 too!

Over all Marini’s 57 is amazing. If talking about places with a good view here in Malaysia this is a nice place to go too as well and  I will recommend it. Don’t get too excited as the prices of the foods and drinks are not like your ordinary restaurant or other places which they have lower price with big servings. Their menu lists is amazing and no doubt you can taste the true italian cuisine though, the price of the view from the 57th floor is added to your foods and drinks as well plus your own personal and attentive waiters + the complimentary sweets and the name of the restaurant that comes with it.

So over all it is a very good place. if you always eat and love Italian foods this is a good place to go to and sure is if you don’t mind paying that much for your foods & drinks, definitely a place to be your next favourite! Though there are still other places where you can get a nice view of petronas towers as well which hopefully I can explore in the future and share with you all.

The dress code sounds very strict and scary reading in their website. I was googling what to wear and google only showed me girls wearing dresses! Sure is you know I am not a dress kind of girl. and I will only wear jeans/pants and so I did. Was hesitating to change last minute but then I thought I look smart & casual why not right? hehe. I’ve read some blogs and reviews that they are indeed very strict with the dress code. I even saw a family there that night wearing all suits a long gown even the kids. Maybe from a wedding? or too much of preparation or expectation about Marini’s 57 dress code.

MY ADVICE: You can wear any dress you wanted as long as you look smart & casual and not a long dress from the beach you’ve been to. Definitely Wear high heels or close shoes and accessorise to add some glamour and spark to your outfit. Little bit of Lipstick maybe? or I’ve seen many people there last night wearing a corporate attire as well. From work?

My advice on choosing what food to eat? Please do go to their website first, Google the foods and search what kind of food it is. Like seriously! Specially if you’re a first timer to visit Marini’s 57. Their menu is a bit hard to understand since they are using italian names to their foods and no food explanations or what so ever under the food names as we usually see in the regular menu somewhere else, You’ll get headache instead. Joke! hehe. Oh! There is a slightly menu changes as well and the website is not maybe updated. Was planning to have a monkfish that night but I ordered Codfish instead since I can’t see a monkfish in their menu. My husband ordered that beef as his first choice. He had a couple of beers to drink and I had One glass of Chardonnay + Sparkling water.


#marinis57 On a later news, My husband surprised me with this lovely huge bouquet of roses. It was so big that it can cover my whole upper body haha plus a box of Ferrero Rocher.#marinis57  My Birthday Cake and my Breakfast for the whole month of February. Well, kinda. ;D#marinis57 Celebrated with a couple friends as well at Beach Club that night. This time I was Drunk of so much Red wine inside my body I didn’t even sleep until that next morning. Zombie mode lang.#marinis57 Thanks to you teh Riz @lamyerda! Second person who made such an effort greeting me happy bday!#marinis57 So as most of you know. My first Iphone is vintage lol It is the very first model of Iphone and I refused to change it and get a new one since I don’t use much of my phone and got no one to sms to. Until this 2014. My Birthday, My husband decided to get my sister and I both a Iphone 5s. yay!#marinis57

Thank you everyone who greeted me happy birthday and happy wedding anniversary. It means a lot! My 2014 started with so much blessings from this blogging industry. Thank you all for supporting me and my blog, God Bless you all. Cheers! Hope you guys are having a nice and blessed 2014 too.

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Here’s a quick video I took that night at Marini’s 57 Hope you guys like it! x0~



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40 thoughts on “Marini’s 57: Malaysia’s Highest Rooftop Bar, Lounge & Restaurant

  1. HOw cool! I’d love to be there one day! Belated happy birthday and anniversary, sexy Sis! Eyeball tayo dyan isang araw ha 😉

  2. Belated happy birthday and happy anniversary! Wising you continuous blessings and happiness:-)

  3. Belated happy birthday and wedding anniversary. The view is awesome and the place looks great and classy. I bet this is an unforgettable celebration for the two of you.

  4. Happy birthday and Happy wedding anniversary too. The place looks so posh and perfect for special occasions.

  5. belated happy birthday and belated happy anniversary to you both. the view from the top adds more romance to your anniversary dinner, oh, and love the presentation of tiramisu.

  6. The place is so perfect in any occasion. BTW Happy birthday and Happy anniversary to both of you. The view is spectacular.

  7. very nice way to celebrate your wedding anniversary with such a memorable place to spend with,,

  8. Love the view from way up! However, I have fear of heights so I would just be content with looking at pictures. The cake looks heavenly!

  9. I’d fall in love with this place because of its wine section! There are many wines to choose from 🙂 I

  10. Wow! I really like the place! I’m afraid of heights but the view here is awesome. How sweet naman your hubby for the gifts <3

  11. That’s really a nice place to visit in Malaysia. It is somewhat similar to a new posh bar, 71Grammercy in Makati. 🙂

  12. What a very perfect place to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The place looks awesome. I could just go there and do sight seeing without ordering anything, but foods are also tempting though… hehe

  13. The place looks divine, definitely a place most girls would love to dine in. I love Italian food so I guess we’re a match. 🙂

  14. OMG!! You’re so lucky dear! envy you so much hahah gusto ko rin makapunta dito haha pero ngayon hanggang Makati muna me haha kasi meron din na bar lounge tapos sa 71st floor siya 😀 atleast dibaaa levelling! hahaha

  15. That is one spectacular view and one very romantic treat for your wedding anniversary.

  16. Happy Wedding anniversary to you and husband! at saka belated Birthday na rin. Ganda ng Marinis 57 talaga kaso wala kami budget dyan. hahaha. Jalan Alor daw tyo pag balik ni Krissy.

    1. haha @skyandsummer:disqus di pde dun pg gutom haha pde p cguro pa-book ka sa Bar pra mkita mo lng yung place hehe need tlg mgpabook kc plg sila full. Jalan alor na tau!

  17. The place looks classy and I want that Tiramisu! It looks so delectable that I want to eat it! 😀

  18. Very classy with different views to look down while dining in. Besides, the wine cupboard are gigantic.

  19. Wow ! It’s like having a party at the sky and that plant that was serve to you before your meal is intriguing, have you found out what it is all about ? Is it edible or what and why did they serve it to you.

    1. yes the two green things hanging on the plant tasted like olives as my husband says hehe.

  20. Oh my! I was so amazed from what you have posted here. And it seems to be very good to go there. Hope so 🙂

  21. Nice view, food and ambiance! I would like to visit this place when we go to MY this year! 🙂

    1. yay! try to book for the bar instead of the restaurant as the bar is facing straight the petronas towers you can have the full view

  22. The food here looks heavenly..I really want to eat at this place and taste all of that plus the view is great.

    1. the view is great indeed though the thick haze here in malaysia kinda ruined it haha

    1. thank you so much leirs! yeah. that’s gonna be my phone for another 6 years haha

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