#OOTD: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

#fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry#fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry

#fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperry #fashiontravelswwwtauyanmcom #pink #roar #katyperryAnimal Printed Pink Blouse: Bangkok, Cardigan: BTS, Bag: Mango, Shoes: Zara, Pants: Uniqlo, Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Personalize “MJ” Wing Necklace from Lovecynthia.com Shop.

Hello guys! How about we all wear pink on wednesdays? haha Anyways, This is the full outfit and some close-up shots of what I wore last Seventeen Magazine Malaysia Makeover Party. Click here to read the full story and some juicy photos! Their Magazine Front Cover for January 2014 was Katy Perry so I thought I would wear something with Animal print and Pink as well as for Roar famous Katy song which I have googled her outfits wearing animal prints and saw one that she was wearing a pink animal print maxi dress and I thought I should wear something similar hehe. Not a Maxi Dress though I’m pretty sure it did work haha. Hope you like it!

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64 thoughts on “#OOTD: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

    1. aww the shoes is not that High! i can walk with this high heels all day it is not high compare to my other shoes hehe thanks anne!

  1. I love the shoes! I wish I can wear sky-high shoes like that. I am already too tall 😀

    I like the idea, Pink on Wednesday 🙂

    1. haha I am already tall as well but then it is nice when people will stares at you svi nga nila make it worth their while hehe

  2. As always, you look so fab in anything that you’ll wear Sis. That pink animal print top gives life to the whole ensemble. 🙂 I love your shoes too!

  3. It is always a risk to mix pink, gray and black but sometimes, its just that way to try to pull it off. Not bad! 🙂

    1. thanks yamito! i never thought of that too but then once you see everything why not experiment hehe

    1. goodcluk sis! most of my clothes are not branded just bought them in a bargain mall here.

  4. Are those pink leopard prints? They look so attractive but I like your slim jeans better. 🙂

    1. thank you sis Roch! my pants are from uniqlo they are supposed to be super stretchy but it is not haha

  5. Wearing pink on Wednesdays? That is a good suggestion.

    Those killer heels are awesome. I haven’t rocked my sky high heels in ages.


  6. Honestly, all your outfits look good on you. As what I always say, you can be a model, as in go for it! Esp. on fashion shows. Love the top and the bag! <3

    1. thank you sis genzel! i am happy to see you ootd’s as well! Hope to see more! x0~

  7. I like your outfit Sis. You look beautiful and sexy as always. I like the shoes the most. How can you walk with those heels?


  8. You are rocking the OOTD! I think anything you wear just suits you well! I wish I have that “skill” like yours, and pose well for the lens! Love your OOTD!

    1. thanks you pinx! actually I am stiff in posing. I don’t have that natural vibe in posing hehe

    1. thanks Rhea! i love your style as well! all your ootd’s are so effortless kering keri mo lng!

  9. you look gorgeous and sophisticated as always, you always carry your clothing so elegantly, love the looks always you come up with.

    I have no problem wearing pink on Wednesdays, haha, I love pink.

    1. thank you sis! I have lots of cardigan. I always bring one anywhere I go hehe

  10. Love the blouse & the necklace. Oh and the title reminds me of Mean Girls. Makes me want to watch it again, haha. 🙂

    1. thanks sis! i am so happy to have that one! my frend cynthia sent that to me visit her shop lovecynthia.fr thx!

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