Top 5 Best Dressed at the Grammys 2014

Awards ceremonies are always amazing, especially when it comes to checking which celebrities had the best outfits.  In late January, the Grammys served as one of the first awards shows of the year, giving celebrities a chance to strut their stuff as well as proving a great opportunity for designers to show off their best dresses that they’re looking to put on the red carpet.

We can expect to see many of these looks repeated over the coming months, but what were the hottest looks gracing the red carpet at the Grammys?


Taylor Swift looked simply amazing at the Grammys. Fans of hers would argue that she looks amazing all the time anyway, but her red carpet outfit was as standout as they come. She was wearing a chainmail, full-length gown that was just about see through enough across the shoulders and upper chest to be tasteful yet teasing at the same time. The dress hugged her figure perfectly and the short sleeve and neck detail helped to frame Taylor beautifully.

The only negative of this outfit is that we couldn’t see what shoes she was wearing when she was standing still!


Music star Pink is a polarising figure, whether it’s her music, her views on the world, or her appearance causing great debate. At this year’s Grammys there was no question that she looked amazing, however, even though she was daring enough to go for the type of red dress that often leaves the tabloid press and dirt sheets carping like schoolgirls. Pink arrived wearing a strapless dress with tone and material detail, while clutching her husband Carey Hart in one hand and her bag in another. The dress was completed by a knee-high slash at the front that revealed simple black heels, a true all-girl essential!

#katyperryKaty Perry is the standout candidate for wearing a dress to the Grammys that half the press will love and that the other half will lampoon her for. You could probably call her dress Tinkerbell inspired, but we don’t remember Tink ever turning up to hang out with Peter Pan while having musical notes printed on the lower half of her dress. No, we didn’t make out what song it was.


Mrs Jay-Z appeared on stage with her husband at the Grammys, and given what she was wearing it is likely she had to cede to that as one of the conditions of her being able to do the performance! Daring, sheer, and downright totally see through only just about begins to describe the outfit, which saw Beyonce as the media darling the following day as she was deemed everything from a fashion icon to a bad influence on children.


Madonna did an amazing job of pulling off the prohibition era gangster look along with adopted son David Banda, complete with cane, double breasted coat, hat, and single silver glove that is either Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber inspired, but we’ll let you be the judge of that one.
David’s black and white brogues were killer, too.

Author Bio: Jaime Lasgard loves all aspects of the fashion industry, from celebrity red carpet styles to wholesalers like All Stores Clothing. Jaime is looking to start her own fashion store in the near future.



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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Dressed at the Grammys 2014

  1. Taylor swift looks amazing! Katy for me looks like a fairy and beyonce is super hot but elegant with the white dress.

  2. Taylor is always being safe with what we wears and looking the same as a blonde bomb girl. But I like the idea that you included Pink for she’s looking really fierce and elegant.

  3. The celebrities find it more appropriate to showcase their best styled dress for the highest level of everyone’s appreciation and also its exorbitant cost. That is the traditional way of showing off their whims and caprices of the movie celebrities as far as their wardrobe is concerned.

  4. I’m watching Grammy’s Award but not for fashion dresses of the participants. Well, but it’s a must for them to show-off to the crowd.

  5. i like Taylor’s outfits!! for every season her stylist does a great job so age appropriate and not too over the top

  6. Taylor Swift’s dress is somewhat conservative and it looks just elegant. I love the nude color and everything that went with it. 😀

  7. I like Taylor Swift the most of those beautiful dresses and gowns. I missed that show as I was watching Super Bowl 🙂

  8. Even though i don’t watch grammy awards i’ve always fascinated of what celebrities wear on that occasion.

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