Red All You Want! Fashion Inspiration for Men and Women under P999

Happy CNY everyone! and Don’t forget that February is the Love Month as well so for today I wanted to show you guys a lists of fashion budget finds under P999 that you can find at Lazada Philippines. All of them in Red Colours for both Men and Woman so if you want to wear a matchy-matchy colours with your love then it is not a big problem after all! This is your chance to prepare your fashionable outfits in advance that won’t hurt your pockets! =)#lazadafashion L-R: 1) Dorica Dress 2) Delmara Dress 3) Blued Eustacia Dress #lazadafashion  L-R:1) Izzo Nerizza Tote Bag 2) F.O.C Mini Satchel 3) Pagry Irish Tote Bag
#lazadafashion  L-R:1) Tomato Swap Solid Red Face 2) Q&Q Women’s Watch 3) Sports Watch#lazadafashionL-R:1) Zanea Morrie Heels 2) H2ocean Cara Heels 3) Twinky Crisha Step-in Heels

#lazadafashionL-R:1) St. Jeans Polo Shirt 2) Blue Bandell Collared Shirt 3) Youngman Shirt#lazadafashionL-R: 1) Sport Men’s Watch 2) Sport Men’s Watch 3) Q&Q Men’s Watch#lazadafashionL-R: 1) Alfred Knitted Hat 2) Damon Canvas Belt 3) Elastic Suspender#lazadafashion

L-R: 1) High-cut Shoes 2) Men’s Jiffies 3) Loafers

Hope you enjoyed the lists above and hope that you’ve found some interesting outfits or accessories that will help you to look fashionable this Valentines Day or for the whole month of February! xiao!



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32 thoughts on “Red All You Want! Fashion Inspiration for Men and Women under P999

  1. So bright! Red na red! My family wore red for the New Year 2013. It turned out nice in the pics 🙂

  2. Red polo shirt, red belt, red watch and red high cut shoes would be a perfect outfit for Valentines Day! And of course, I want my partner to wear all red too! 😀

  3. Yayyy! It’s raining red in here. I can’t wait to see peeps clad in red this Friday.

  4. I’ve always love red, as they hare the color of blood and happiness, i ain’t a vampire but whenever you see red just makes you smile right?

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