Seventeen Magazine MakeOver Party

Finally blogging about the sweet seventeen makeover party! Had a blast with all the girls who joined and attended the event! Happy to meet those girls and happy that my sister and I made some friends here in Malaysia. They were all so nice and very friendly! I mean they are not the same age as my age but I am just happy that I look like a teen still even though I am days away from being 25 T___T haha. Most of them thought that my sister and I are still teens hihi My sister is 22 by the way. #seventeenmakeover Sweet Seventeen MakeOver Advertisement VIA Facebook Page and Their Magazine January issue.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty  Seventeen MakeOver Party Sponsors! Thanks Everyone haha.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverpartyThe MakeOver Party was held in Fullhouse Theme Cafe’ In Sunway Pyramid which my sister and I took like 30minutes before we found the place imagine walking in high heels haha
#seventeenmagazine #makeoverpartyThe girls sitting infront of our mini stage. Yes My sister and I was sitting at the back as we are all divided into four groups so we can all exchange and have space for each of the activities we had.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty The event started with a short intro of the Emcee right, and a welcome note or message to the Editor of Seventeen Magazine Sherelyn Goh left.
#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty First activity was the Tarot and Face Reading which I am very scared to know about haha. Though, The Girl from soleil trinity read my face and my lips and other stuffs and I’ve never heard anything negative! All is positive from my tarot card which I am a chariot and from my face reading as well. #seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty After the first activity we all started queueing for our lunch. They prepared lots of foods for us, from soup, appetizer, main course and fruits too! and we even had some foods left for tea after the event.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverpartyAfter lunch, The next activity was the DIY bracelet making by SZE accessories! It is actually a very easy one. They provided all the things we needed and they have some people who’s guiding us all the way of the DIY-ing. We just actually braided a Pink ribbon, then attached all the blings around it.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverpartyThe next activity was for the Skechers. Lucky those who won the Skechers for the raffle draw haha wishing it was me since I badly needed one and their latest model has this super soft sole good for training and walking around.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty #seventeenmagazine #makeoverpartyLast activity was the by Kanebo – Kate cosmetics. We had the professional – international make up artist Mr. Stevensunny teaches us all about make up and how simple it is to do and even encouraged us and all girls out there to wear make up or any simple everyday make up for a nice glow to make our beauty stands out in our everyday life and not to be lazy like me hehe.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty  Then we had the the last raffle draw and my sister won the kate cosmetics together with some others.#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty  Won the SZE accessories too! It’s a necklace and a bracelet & is too awesome for me to handle haha#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty The boxes that we’ve won during the raffle draw at seventeen makeover party. Will post the photos separately on my other blogpost together with the goody bag hehe#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty Having tea’s & some foods as well with these girls after the event. It was nice chitchatting with them!#seventeenmagazine #makeoverparty

Photo Opp with Mr. Stevensunny and Ms. Sherelyn Goh after the event. It was a blast! I’ve learned a lot and happy to see those girls and be friends with them as well. Like seriously, I haven’t checked the goodie bag yet though I had a glimpsed from my sister already. Thanks for having us Seventeen Magazine and for organizing a fantastic party like this one! Looking forward for more!  So I guess this is my last post for January and let’s move on people! Its February! Hello! Lovers & Me!



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46 thoughts on “Seventeen Magazine MakeOver Party

  1. I’m sure this is just another full of learning and fun-filled event. I so envy bloggers who can join events like this! 🙂

    1. thanks marie! i am just very lucky that somehow i exist in the blogging world here in malaysia. despite that i am not a local and i am a pinoy. hehe i am always the only filipino whenever I attend an event here.

  2. Looks like a fun filled event you had there, and Kanebo cosmetics, it’s a good brand sis 🙂

  3. Oh yes, you can still pass off as a teen as you look very comfortable among the girls, must have been a very exciting event for everybody.

  4. It is a great event for the girls to attend! I bet all of you learned so much about the makeover and tips.. 🙂

  5. I love Skechers! It would have been awesome to have won one! 🙂 your sister and you both look so young! How I wish I could attend an event akin to this on my side of the world too! I want to learn how to put on make up! 🙂

    1. me too! it is just really that easy to put make up on. we just have to get use to how we look when we have make up on

  6. Hahahaha…sis you’re still young and looks like teen same with your sister, no worries di nman halata…hehehehe

  7. Wow! that’s what girl wants. You look like teens sis. Great event for young heart.

  8. Teenagers do have to be with this kind of event, for them to know the modern fashion and trends.

  9. Yes, you and your sister could really pass on as teenagers. Great that you had fun in this event.

  10. What a fun party to attend and be doll up 🙂 You look beautiful as always Sis 🙂

  11. you and your sister really look alike, but then, she wore her hair lose, you both look so young, yes, in the teens! the activity look so fun, glad you have lots of activities like this there.

  12. That must have been fun. I’m sure you felt like one of the girls once again. 🙂

  13. You’re feeling like a teenager when you dress amazingly with accessories…nice event for girls, ladies and for oldies too.

  14. attending such a nice event is already full of fun, more if name has been drawn from the raffle like yours and your sis 🙂

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