#OOTD: Blue Leaves


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Wearing Oasap Leaves Graphic High-Low Blouse Click here to View Details. Ring: Oasap.com ~~ Necklace: Aldo ~~ Bracelet, Earrings, Clutch/Purse: Thailand ~~ Shoes: Nine.T.Y 9000 ~~ Jeans:SG

Hello guys! Another Colourful look for the last week of January! Time Flies so fast and oh! it is going to be my Birthday Next Month and Of course February is the month for the lovers out there too! So I bet I’ll be seeing lots of happy couples every where hehe. I don’t really have a plan for my birthday yet… but will let you know if there’s any haha. And I am sure that you guys still love the chilly/cold weather, Well, If I am not the only one thinking and feeling that its still like Christmas in the morning don’t you think?

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