5 Tips to Select the Best Party Dress in Winter

No matter what the season or what the weather is, you always want to be dressed up for special occasions and look your best. Fashion never stops, so you cannot afford to not look your best. The best thing for this is to browse the latest fashions online or in magazines – get help from those who know fashion.


Try to be different: 

Selecting women dresses is a bit of a problem especially if you are selecting from a catalogue. You don’t want a fashion disaster and wearing a replica of someone else’s outfit. But there is no need for you to go overboard and get a dress you think is extremely different and will stand out in a crowd. The swan dress maybe one of a kind but you won’t be able to carry it off, so don’t try.

Do not be attracted to unnecessary bargains: 

Many people opt for bargains when they look for party dresses, mainly because the prices are not too high. Although this is a good bet, the chances of you and at least one other person will be wearing the same thing will be quite high. You don’t want to ruin your day. So you should look for something that is reasonable but not liable to be picked up by someone else. You don’t want to buy just because something is a bargain, you should think whether it is your style or not.

Select a different color: 

Fashion magazines may be telling you that a certain color in a particular design is in. But why do you have to be dictated by them; try something different from what the magazines tell you to do. Why not wear something that suits your complexion ensuring you will look good. This will make you stand out in the crowd.

Not all cuts are for you: 

Of course the experts know what they are saying, but you have to consider whether a particular cut will suit your body shape. Not everyone can carry every cut; yes the designers are raving about it because they are thinking of their models and their sketches. The majority of the real women do not have those figures. So you should pick party dresses that suit your body.

Check your comfort level:

We’ve all been in the women dresses’ section and selected a dress that looks phenomenal even though we know we will never be comfortable in it. But it is so sexy and it looks so good on the model in the poster that you just have to buy it. Despite all your commonsense, you end up buying it and then never wearing it. So, don’t waste your money on it. Trust us.



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40 thoughts on “5 Tips to Select the Best Party Dress in Winter

  1. Lovely tips! I’ll remember this! I’d still love to look fab even when I’m bundled up!

  2. Me, I always go with what is comfortable for me at least. Sigh this reminds me of my friend she is always my consultant when I have to buy or shop dresses.

  3. Not all cuts are for you! Very true! That’s why no matter how many there are in the clearance racks, I can’t get to buy everything because not all will look good to me! Lol.

    Great share!


  4. It’s always freezing here so that kind of clothing is applicable only on Spring.


  5. With the super cold winter days now, it is really true that comfort is still a priority. That is why I am on the lookout for the perfect winter jacket for me! I love to accessorize by wearing scarves and a toque!

  6. very true, sometimes, i look at the dress and I feel in love with it, then, when i try it, I look so horrible in it 🙁 haha! that is why, i prefer still buying clothes at store because i really want to try how they look on me

  7. “not all cuts are for you”

    so true! sometimes the dress looks so great with the model but once you buy it it doesn’t look as great on you.


  8. I so agree with you, comfort of level is very important. I make sure I buy turtleneck clothes every year to keep me warm even if I take off my winter coat.


  9. Choosing clothes for winter may not happen to me but your tips gave me an idea just in case there is a change in plans.

  10. Everyone has his own preference on what to wear during the winter and also the availability of winter clothes. Your tips are good suggestions.

  11. Thanks for the good tips, something i needed, as long as i am comfortable that’s what most important before…

  12. anybody can create a unique and fashionable look when attending parties during winter even if you need to bundle up because of the cold temperature. A lot of fancy coats paired with a scarf and a chic boots will do the trick just as long you know to mix and match 🙂

  13. I agree with the cuts, it works depending on your figure and height. Though most people don’t care and I really don’t too. LOL. I thought winter’s the least fashionable season of all. But I guess not. I think I just have to read this post over and over again so I won’t fall for bargains and solid-colored dresses! Whew!

  14. I thought you can wear prettier dresses when in winter because you can layer all you want. The cold wouldn’t bother that style of dressing anyway. 😛

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