#OOTD: Peach and Black

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#ootdfashiontravels #oasap

#ootdfashiontravels #oasap#lovecynthia #fashion #flower #ootdfashiontravels #oasap #ootdfashiontravels #oasap Blouse: Click here at Oasap.com Jeans: Uniqlo Shoes: NewLook~ FlowerAccessories: LoveCynthia

Hello guys! It’s Monday! Means New Outfit Post! And I am very happy that I am totally keeping it up with ootd’s. Not much happened the past week though My sister and I had an amazing day with the other girls attending the Seventeen Magazine Make-Over party at FullHouse theme cafe’ at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday. Will blog about it probably this week so watch out for that. I have a lot of things to tell about the event. It was superb hanging out with the girls and though I am not that so seventeen at least I look like one and If that’s really the same case with everyone I think I’ll be forever a teen haha.

Anyways, I’m wearing Oasap.com Peach Blouse, There’s only two colours available for this blouse and it is pink and white. Though as you can see and what it is in real life it is really in Peach colour not pink or not even light or no hint of pink at all. It is a total peach. So if you wanted to get this blouse which is so awesome! Choose the pink which is peach or Choose white which is really white. Love this blouse so much! I guess I have this thing about colours this 2014. Since my whole closet looks like dying with all the dead colours I collected over the years hehe. Though, I love them it’s easier to mix and match. So this 2014 I am in this challenge wearing more colours and be brave.



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53 thoughts on “#OOTD: Peach and Black

  1. Hi Jane!!! You’re right! It’s been AGES! hahaha I’m glad I’m back now! I have missed all you girls in the blogosphere 🙂 You’re looking good as usual. I really like your necklace 🙂 Hope to read more of your activities now that I’m back 🙂

  2. I love your shoes. I’m not sure if you watch When A Man Loves A Woman korean tv series. But that shoes above is the same with Mia’s favorite pair 🙂 – Algene of www.iamthecoffeechic.com

  3. It’s been so long since I’ve last been here! Anyway, I love your outfit sis! It’s something I’d totally wear if only my thighs aren’t humongous! Haha! Love how dainty yet smart casual your outfit looks. Oh, and I’m in love with your Oasap peach blouse!!! <3

    1. uu nga sis! thank you sis! i love wearing jeans haha hopefully i can wear skirt one day hehe

  4. Love the look. Your shoes, your top & your accessories are just beautiful (amazing is actually the first word that came into mind but, whaat?). Anyway, you’re gorgeous on your pics, as always <33

  5. I love your pants and shoes! 🙂 This can be worn in dinner dates and even casual business meetings 🙂

    1. haha ngkataon lng na wla kaming rooftop sis then nsa 13thfloor kmi super hussle mgpicture sa labas kya ayan jan sa wall hehe thank you sis!

  6. I like peach, specially the rosette accessories! You look so chic and sophisticated with your outfit.

  7. Fascinating, I never thought that peach and black could go well together. I suppose that’s just heterosexual male me.

  8. I’ve always loved the combination of peach and black on women! Such a classy combo! Especially love the shoes! Hope you keep posting! 🙂

    1. wow thanks! I guess i saw u as well wearing the same blouse if im not mistaken hihi! thanks babe!

  9. never thought peach and black would compliment each other really well. nice OOTD post, keep it up and stay young! 🙂


  10. LOL maybe its faded pink that’s why it became peach hehehe but I love it, I like the shoes as well. Sigh how I wish I am working so I can wear those stuffs.


    1. haha i wish it is but it is more peachy near to light orange haha i am stay at home din sis. I just take photos of my outfits in advance so i wont need to take pics on the actual day im wearing them super hussle for a mom like me hihi

  11. oh, love love those peach earrings and ring, I love designs like that, I would want a pink or peach, but I only saw yellow here, so, yellow is what I got. you look good, as always.

  12. I’ve been dying to get my hands on coral gems. Are those earrings and ring coral? They’re lovely!


  13. That is so nice! I love the lacy top and your business casual look! I think my sister would love your shoes! Ha! 🙂 You are good in choosing accessories to incorporate with your look. 🙂

  14. I really like this look, especially the pairing of the blouse and shoes. Hyped and fanned on Lookbook 😉

  15. very cute outfit love! i especially love the details of the top and the pink shoes! so fab! <3

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