Looking For 30 Bloggers to Review Tmart Products

Looking for 30 Bloggers to Give Tmart Honest Opinions at Some Blogs

Tmart.com wants to get more honest opinions from customers, so they looking for 30 bloggers to review their products. Products such as: new products, unique products, hot products and so on, Products will be free of charge to viagra online bloggers as articles written evaluation of return

Even though the owner of some blogs received the products to review, they must give their honest opinions, the views and opinions expressed on their blogs are purely the blogger’s own. Tmart will not give any advice to bloggers on reviews.


Reviewing products:

Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector (Original price $27.14)


ABS Water Glow Power 7 Colors Changing LED Flash Light Bathroom Hand Held Shower Head?Original price $18.99?


8 Wheel 3D Fimo Slice Nail Art Decoration Set(Original price $15.80)


5kg x 1g 1.7″ Digital Weight Kitchen Food Diet Scale H318 White (Original price $28.0)


Blog quality requirements:

1.blog’s PRank=1 to7.they are domain name blogs?blog must be family friendly?

2. blog has been indexed by Google , included in the above 100 ; without Google being punished

3 .blog’s Domain Age is more than six months. facebook friends> 1000, Blog have some comments

4. Do not accept gambling, pornography, illegal trading blogs

5. If some bloggers has reviewed their products before, they do not need review now, this opportunity to give other new bloggers

Activity Time:

JAN 1-JAN.28.2014

review rules:

  • Click above the links to visit these four products
  • Choose your favorite one (if you have much more blogs, you can choose more )
  • Send E-mail to: ada.obama@yahoo.com, Message content including:

your blog URL/ Blog creation date/ blog daily traffic/ your favorite product

  • they will check your blog and give you an answer Within 24 hours
  • If your blog meets our requirements, they will send an e-mail confirmation to ask your shipping information and send it to you for free(You do not need to pay any product and shipping costs)
  • When you receive the product, please email to them, Tell them how about you receive the product
  • Then write a real review in your blog, review post including:

Product Image/ two anchor text links: tmart.com(links to http://www.tmart.com/) and product names/ Article title contains ”tmart reviews” keywords


If you have one blog, you can choses one product in those four

If you have two different blogs, you can choses two product in those four

If you have three different blogs, you can choses one product in those four

If you have four different blogs, you can choses one product in those four

Are you ready, if all is well, please contact them quickly! Don’t forget to say that FashionTravels www.tauyanm.com referred you. Also you can have a look of my Tmart Bag Review here. Xiao!



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