A Simple Prom Dress Shopping Guide For Petite Women

In the society that we have today, tall and thin figures are the types of body that most women aspire to have. As a result, women who were not blessed with much height get quite insecure and body conscious. Remember that you are beautiful, no matter what your height or size is. Prom is one of the events in a woman’s life which she will surely cherish. In such event, people will get to see her for who she really is– a beautiful butterfly.


Most petite women would be encountering various problems when it comes to finding prom dresses that would complement their small frame. The bone structure of petite women is a lot different that that of the normal or average frames. Clothes fit a lot differently on petite frames. However, this does not mean that you would limit the styles and types of evening dresses that you will be wearing. Yes, there will be some difficulties along the way. However, this is not something that a few tips cannot remedy. If you are a petite woman and you wish to find the perfect prom dress that would complement your small frame, here are some tips that you should follow:


Fit is Everything

The secret to dressing a petite girl relies on the fit of the dress. No matter how beautiful a prom dress is, you will look a lot shorter or stockier if it does not fit you that well. On the other hand, having a found a prom dress which would fit your hips, shoulders, waist and width correctly, your body will look a lot taller and slimmer, no matter what your size is. Fit can change the way your body looks and it can even hide any imperfections that you are trying very hard to conceal. When you wear a dress tailored to fit your body, you will look more sophisticated. Petites will surely look good wearing short and fitted jackets. Because of this, it is highly advisable that you opt for an elegant evening separate for your prom night.


Neckline Loving

Since there are only certain dress styles or length that can suit your small frame, you are given the chance to playa round with your neckline. Some of the most recommended neck lines for petite frames include V-neck, sweetheart necklines or halter. This would make your neck look elongated, making you look slimmer. It is also best that you accessorize with the use of a interesting neckpiece.

Work With What You have

The cocktail dresses that you should choose are those which can accentuate your assets even more. This would require you to assess your body structure a lot closer and determine which your best asset is. Some prom dress styles which would work well for a petite frame include short prom dresses with spaghetti straps, prom dresses with scooped neckline, A-line skirt and dresses with off-shoulder neckline. Avoid dresses which are too full or too straight as it may make you look a lot more shorter.


Balance It Out 

For women with short legs and long body, you can rebalance your body by opting for styles such as baby doll dresses, empire-waist dresses, chic sheaths and the like. Layering is also one good trick to try. On the other hand, women with long legs and short body, it is highly recommended that you opt for dresses with natural waist, ruffled hem and many more. Dressing for a special body type can be really tricky but when you follow all these tips, prom dress shopping can be a piece of cake!

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12 thoughts on “A Simple Prom Dress Shopping Guide For Petite Women

  1. I super like the purple and the red long dresses! They are so gorgeous! 🙂


  2. I am not a fan of purple but seeing these lavender selection of dresses here changed it.


  3. I love these dresses.. this reminds me how sad my high school life was because I wasn’t able to experience prom. huhuhu.


  4. How tall is a petite woman. By standard, American and European petite women are much taller than Asian counterpart. Does it mean a different design of prom dresses for Asian ladies? http://www.papalengtraveladventure.com/

  5. Just my two cents : petite women should shy away from ballgown style dresses. It just adds to the bulk horizontally instead of giving the illusion of leaner, longer look.


  6. beautiful dresses, i can’t choose 🙂 however, if i would have to, then, the purple at the top (simple but so classy) and the red one, so hot and stunning 🙂

  7. I personally want a short dress for prom because it’s sexy and it’ll be more comfortable with dancing all night.

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