New Year’s Fashion Wishlist #1

I guess its not just me who’s feeling so great seeing their closet clean this new year! I mean all the old clothes, shoes, accessories and others are gone for sure to make some room for a new year new wardrobe! I am just dreaming of new fresh and fashionable clothes and shoes to wear this 2014!
#fashiontravels #choies Thinking of some inspirations, I made some good choices from They have tons of good fashionable things in their site! You better check it out now and plan your outfits this 2014!
#fashiontravels #choies First things first, I love florals and plaid! Seeing this top from your left hand side on their site makes me giggles as two of my favourites are together! 1) Floral Plaid Print And of course I am addicted wearing denim on denim outfits! I guess its the easiest way to go besides just wearing black right?   2) Embroidery Denim Shirt
#fashiontravels #choies I love wearing skinny jeans or any kinds of pants. I don’t own a 1) Slim Jeans with Hole Knee yet so I thought I should have it in my closet for a change. Also 2) High-Waisted Skinny Jeans is always perfect when travelling! You can just pair it with anything!#fashiontravels #choies I went gaga over the shoes at I can’t resist choosing 4 shoes to add in my closet! 1) Wedge Boots with Transparent Heels 2) Suede Pointed Ankle Boots  3) Metal Heeled Sandals         4) Fold Over Concealed Boots #fashiontravels #choies Accessories is everything. It can make your boring outfits or simple look into fabulous one just by adding them. You can never go wrong with the accessories I have chosen above! They are just too Good to wear! 1) Vogue Beanie  2) Queen’s Get The Money Necklace 3) Dope Wooden Bracelet                             4) Crown Shape Fashion Ring 5) Dope Wooden Necklace #fashiontravels #choies Girls loves Bag so much next to wearing shoes. Fell in love with this 1) Luxurious Mix Colourful Silvery Bag  2)  Starry Sky and Triangle Backpack right after I saw it! Looks very attractive yeah?!#fashiontravels #choies

After all the good choices I made, I won’t forget to look for a couple of so cool sunglasses to complete my whole look! 1) Reflector Sunglasses in Golden &  2) Mickey Clamshell Retro Round Sunglasses are just too perfect & give a spicy add-ons to go with any outfits you wanted this 2014!

Looking forward to many more outfit inspirations and more looks I can make and plan this New Year. I bet is the way to go and the easiest way to shop! Hope you like this post! x0~

Did you know that the name CHOIES was inspired by a Common Casual Chat:
“You are going to make a choice?!”
“A choice? YES!”
Then here comes the name: CHOIES!
—Life is actually a kind of choice
—The steering wheel is in your hands
—So is fashion, and so it is!

Cool eh? So what’s your wishlist this 2014? Till next time lovies! Have a fun and great day!




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17 thoughts on “New Year’s Fashion Wishlist #1

  1. I also want that sunglasses above! It’s my first time to see a new year’s wish list. Kadalasan kasi birthday and Christmas :))))

  2. Hope all your fashion wish list will come true 🙂 I like the bracelets among the list 🙂

  3. Mrs. Fashion your wishlist is just awesome. I want to see you more wearing those skinny jeans. Mas sexy ang dating.

  4. You certainly are a fashionista dear with all those outfits you wished to have! 😀 I don’t really wish for one as I am the impulsive type. Lol. When I want something, I’ll find a way to get it as long as it is not the most pricey. Hehe.

  5. New year… new wardrobe. It’s fun to shop. One of the many benefits of being a woman hihi

  6. you’re very good in carrying yourself in almost anything, you carry any clothing and accessories so very well, that I am sure whatever you choose would really look so good on you.

  7. I want those black heels with gold plates! They look super chic and I’m certain they will look great on you. 🙂

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