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Few hours left and its GoodBye 2013 and Hello 2014! Woohoo! How’s your 2013 by the way? My 2013 is just perfect! Well, to sum it all up, We went to Pattaya and Bangkok Thailand for a couple of weeks. Explored Genting Highlands for a day and tried all their scary rides. Went to a free concert where 2ne1, Demi Lovato and Backstreetboys performed here in Malaysia and Went to Singapore to visit all my friends. Sounds not much or what? haha
#yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels #yearenderblogpost #fashiontravelsWe had this roasted ribs, charsiew and of course lechon for Christmas Eve which I am very delighted tasting the crunchy lechon after so long that I’ve been away in the Philippines. We can actually buy it in packs here in Suria Isetan and other kinds of yummy pork foods. #yearenderblogpost #fashiontravelsWe had this Roast Chicken which is very yummy by the way. The baked pumpkin and potatoes tasted so good and perfect with the chicken. #yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels #yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels So not to spoil and ignore Christmas, My husband and I went to Toys R Us and bought a last minute gifts for our Daughter Ashlee. This is the most expensive thing I bought this year 2013 haha. My credit card was smoking hot after the cashier swiped it woops! and there it is my 600rm was all gone.  It is very nice to see my daughter happy though. It was all the things she wished for Santa and She was asking why Santa Claus didn’t wrapped her gifts and I said Santa was so busy so the box is fine. #yearenderblogpost #fashiontravelsTook  this photos as well in Suria Klcc Mall where they have this huge teddy bear and everyday christmas performance and photo opportunity with Santa. Mean while it is a white Christmas in Pavillion where they have this tall white Christmas tree, Carousel & other things for the kids and the whole family to enjoy the holidays in just one place right there. Watch the Christmas Carollers here.

#yearenderblogpost #fashiontravelsWe recently went to the Hi-5 Tour + bought her another expensive things which is the dress like what’s Lauren Brant wearing in the photo above which actually cost’d me nearly the price of her Christmas gifts hehe. My daughter is big fan of them and this does not happen everyday seeing them in person. Like us freaking out and take lots of photos when we see celebrities right?#yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels I am looking forward to more travelling as well. Not expecting to go international as we needed to go budgeting because we’re planning to buy something big which will make us a little bit tight to travel. If we can travel in budget without shopping international then why not right? But I would be happy exploring this beautiful Malaysia for next year which is good plan to me already. #yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels I am very happy meeting new friends this 2013 too. It was a nice first meeting at Nando’s with Mai Flores of together with her Le BoyFriend Kuya Rubel. I am very happy to meet the lovers and Now maybe all of us can attend a lot of events together and maybe we can go and explore more of malaysia with the four of us hehe. It was so nice meeting @wackybecky of as well when we attended the DSYR event. #yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels Here’s to more future events next year! First, I am very happy and proud of myself to be one of the lucky bloggers who judged in The face of Setia Mall. It was nice meeting this big people which it didn’t occur to my mind that I can actually have that chance. Meeting all the amazing Malaysian Bloggers was great and I feel amazed to be part of it. Also being in the beauty scene of Decleor/ Vanity Trove Workshop was a fun girly moment for me. Doing all the beauty things with other bloggers. Also it was a nice experience being invited to DSYR first offline event together with other medias.#yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels Cheer’s to my travel, events, shopping, selfies and all that you can think of buddies. To my sister who braved all the events we’ve been to and conquered all the shy nerves she got socializing with other people. To Jonha whom I never expected to be one of my good and real friends. We do exchange those good advice that we needed from each other & get along so well with all the kalokohan. I met her thru somewhere in social media & been thru ups&down just planning for a meet-up with another blogger but then it was taking so long we decided to meet each other. Thank you to both of you.#yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels So my New year’s resolution this 2013 wasn’t good enough keeping up with my OOTD’s. I have all that photos and just cannot find the right time when to post it haha. Too many opportunities entertain-ing my blog that I forgot to update my Everyday Looks. I am not complaning though. Thanks for all the opportunities that people’s been giving to my humble blog cheer’s to more opportunity this 2014.#yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels I will never forget my Boys of course. Yes we call each other “boy” because there is only one girl in our family. Its a long story but anyway, I miss this boys so much. they’ve been a good family to us back in Singapore. They are such a brave OFW’s who’s working away just for their family back in Philippines. We look after each other and have dinner every night like we are indeed a happy family home away from home. Missin’ those laughs and chikka with them inside the sauna.

#yearenderblogpost #fashiontravels

And here’s a big Thank you to God for keeping my family happy, healthy, blessed, contented and all. We survived 2013 despite all the challenges we’ve all been through this year.

I am planning to buy my mother and father a smartphone or tablet as well I guess that’s what they want for 2014 which is I am happy because most of them are now cheaper and its the month of the Year End Sale this holidays haha. I heard that Digi is having their Thank You Sale and got amazing offers. I would be happy seeing them happy after all the good things they’ve done to me in the past. It is now the time for me to give back and make them happy and enjoy their life and be proud as well.

To every one I’ve met in person or through internet & social media. Thank you for being with me and accepting me this 2013. You guys entertained me and make my everyday life satisfied for a stay at home mom it is nice reading each and every blogpost. I’ve learned a lot of things through blogging.

Cheers to more blogging experience and Cheers to all of us! We survived 2013 & Its another year for all of us to celebrate. It is a very nice gift that we are all still here living & fighting all this years and waking up every morning and feel so blessed that we’ve come this far. Be good everyone! Happy 2014 to you all!




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18 thoughts on “Fashion Travels Blog Recap 2013

  1. I think my previous comment wasn’t published :O Anyway, I would like to greet you a happy new year! Seeing your daughter with her gifts reminds me of my childhood 😀

  2. Super nice year ah! and I love your daughter’s gifts 🙂 Wishing you more blessings this 2014 🙂

  3. WoW! Long story but I love reading it all. You are so blessed sister Mary Jane. May this year 2014 richly blessed you more and your loved ones.

  4. Happy New Year!!! My daughter loves Barbie’s too but this year we skipped Hi-5 and watched Barbie Live instead.

  5. You had an amazing and blessed 2013 with your family. I know your parents will be so happy when you give them what they are wishing for this year. Happy New Year!

  6. Awwww.. thanks for the very special mention, MJ! I had a very challenging year, but spending my November in KL with you guys have made all the hardships go away. As in, I really enjoyed your company. Thank you for letting us into your home, for treating us out to Mcdo, our hawker foodtrips… heck even with the groceries! Hahaha! Thank you for introducing me to your very own champagne + juice mix. I’ve yet to try that soon. 🙂 Grabe, naMiss naman kita bigla hehehe! Here’s to future Petronas-viewing from your balcony. Send my regards to the hubby, sis & baby girl. 🙂 Hope you had an awesome New Year’s celebration. 🙂

    1. Nobela lng ang comment teh? haha ikaw na tlg! Miss ka nnmin Mai! See you again at very soon na sana yan hehe superlove mo tlg ang C2 ko haha! Thanks Teh! Happy 2014 to you and your Fam God Bless! muah! =D

  7. These are awesome! I can’t think of any mall in Manila that has an open auditorium like place here except for Glorietta and Trinoma, and they aren’t as nice, to be honest.

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    1. thank po sir @fernandoceballoslachica:disqus cheers to more blessings diz 2014

  9. Christmas comes only once a year. Your daughter’s smile, after unveiling her gift is so worth it.

    Happy new year to you and your family.

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