DSYR: “Design Styles Year Round”

So what is DSYR? It is Malaysia’s first design and lifestyle online marketplace that launched in March 2013. Everyday, They feature different creative and unique products that ranges from home decor, lifestyle, fashion accessories, arts & crafts, gadgets and more at insider prices. They have over 25,000 members to date and is growing at 6,000 members a month! Their mission is to create the simplest, most streamlined online experience for Malaysian’s to discover great design.

#dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravelsThe event was held at The Bee MY Publika, Last December 14th 2013. I was one of the lucky media/bloggers to be invited in this first Offline Event of DSYR. The place was then opened for public viewing after lunch which a lot of people came to go & visit and explore unique things inside#dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels#dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels  Don’t you just like this awesome things here? Bought the skull and knuckle cup from them! #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravelsI was trying to win this awesome Flux Chair by DSYR using the points we got that time. We had this super fun auction and the media/bloggers were just so lucky to win some fabulous prize!#dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels Model-ed the red telephone in a video mode for DSYR. It was on the spot and I was like crazy shy don’t know what to do! I still wanted to see that video though, Even if I look so crazy st***d lah! #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravelsFantastic and awesome handmade designs from white toast which my sister and I was raving that day! We bought a few things and I still keep on visiting their FaceBook page for more designs! #dsyr #fashiontravels Mr. Ben Chin, CEO, Co-Founder of DSYR: Initially graduated with a Law Degree at Sheffield University but discovered his passion for all things online. He has 6 years of experience in internet marketing and e-commerce specializing in social media platforms. Isn’t he so cute lah? *wink* 😉#dsyr #fashiontravels Hunny Madu: The events celebrity emcee that day, is a radio deejay at Fly FM, TV host at Nasi Lemak Kopi O, actress, singer and songwriter from Malaysia. Wikipedia#dsyr #fashiontravels  My sister won a limited edition ring form the auction.#dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels #dsyr #fashiontravels

Last three photos above with myself! 3 of us won this kube small cute mp3 via Instagram Contest! The Kube presents you incredible sound couple in a nano size cube player. It is ready music on the move, giving you awesome sound in ultra light weight. The scalable design allows you to store the number of songs to your content, in a commonly available microSD card with sizes ranging from 512MB up to 32GB giving you 8000 songs! With many colors to choose from, you will never be running out of ideas to mix and match your wardrobe with awesome sound. With 6 hours of continuous play, your music is with you all the time (via -kubesite). Congrats to us!

#dsyr #fashiontravels

I am so happy to finally meet @wackybecky of RebeccaSaw.com that day too! I didn’t even know that she was coming to the event! I was just shocked seeing her photo on instagram tagging my name and asking if I was still in the event haha. My friend Jonha introduced Rebecca Saw to me long time ago. Hope 3 of us can have #selfies and go to an event altogether one day! *fingercrossed* to that!

I bet you’ve been wondering what does DSYR means? and if how do you even pronounce the word without vowels right? It means, “Design Styles Year Round” DSYR can also be pronounced as “DESIRE”. Desires are the universal needs, wants and dreams that can compel us to act in ways that keep us happy and sane.  DSYR feature unique design products that are not everyday products.

It was such a fun event for my sister and I and sure is for all the media/bloggers who attended the offline event and got the first look to those unique designs in person. Of course seeing the public people who went to the event as well was amazing! I’m sure they are very happy getting those awesome designs and happy and proud to display them to their homes and be fashionable too!

Looking forward to many successful events form DSYR this coming 2014! Congratulations!

Visit DSYR website here: www.dsyr.com ~~ Facebook Page ~~ Twitter ~~ Instagram

Follow Mr. Ben Chin on Twitter & his personal site Benblogs.com.

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19 thoughts on “DSYR: “Design Styles Year Round”

  1. Ayyy I so love everything there! Many items to choose from 🙂 Wish we also have something like that here. Will check DSYR.

  2. The opportunity to be one of the first to see what’s being offered is becoming an exciting perk of being a blogger nowadays. Many interesting stuff here.

  3. First time to hear about this DSYR, akala ko tuloy radio station. lol But they do have many nice designs. http://www.papaleng-amazing-animals.com/

  4. Some great stuffs here! Must be fun to have been into this kind of events. You and your sis are lucky to win something too! 🙂


  5. This is a great market to go into. I hope that they will open up more often and offer unique stuff malls don’t have.

  6. Awww! It looks like a fun event to attend too Sis 🙂 You look sexy as ever 🙂 I bet you had a blast exploring with your sister at the said event 🙂


  7. They showcase everything from A to Z, which is great. I have a question – is there a fee to join and be a member?

  8. The promotion looks organized and with style. Really, as I see it, the team is very cooperative and pushing the goal of the event.

  9. Looks so fun and colorful! I think it’s always nice to be with out fellow bloggers and be one in promoting great camaraderie among bloggers. You look great nga pala sis with your simple jeans outfit! 🙂


  10. i really believe in that quote above, that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, like you carry yourself so very well in those simple shirt and jeans that shows confidence and sophistication from you. happy for you that you were one of those invited to see the event.

  11. Is this the next “Multiply” site? I hope they bring it to the Philippines, but then that means I’ll go crazy again in online shopping. WAAAAH!

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