International Year-Ender Giveaway (Closed)

Rosewholesale is a leading international online fashion clothing store. Focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion style, both attire and accessories, we provide thousands of the latest in chic product lines, to give maximum choice to our discerning clientele. They aim to provide an extensive range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing – not only at the lowest prices, but also with a professional dedicated service to their valued customers from all over the world.

Browsing at their online site! It amazes me how gorgeous and so fashionable all of the things you can see! Perfect online shop to go too when you need a doze of that online shopping experience! Also a very good site to introduce to your other friends! Nice to go shopping for gifts for your friends and loved ones too when you’re running out of time or for a hussle free shop til you drop!#rosewholesale #giveaway CLICK EACH PHOTO TO SEE THEM ON ROSEWHOLE.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION!#rosewholesale #giveaway              Click here to see more information about this Embellished Little Black Backless Dress #rosewholesale #giveaway      Click here to see more informations about this Three Buttons Woolen Blend Cloak For Women

#rosewholesale #giveaway       Click here to see more information about this long sleeve lace/ Embroidery Pattern for woman#rosewholesale #giveaway                         Click here to see more information about this 168 colour eyeshadow palette#rosewholesale #giveaway                           Click this to see more informations about this Paidu Quartz Watch in Gold#rosewholesale #giveaway                   Click this to see more information about this small zipper bag (lock not included)#rosewholesale #giveaway

               Click this to see more information about this Elegant Woman Boots with Bow

So for a year ender giveaway! I am partnering with and I am very happy to see how nice and gorgeous all the pieces you can get and win at the end of this giveaway! As you can see the photo above you have lots of choices to choose from!

Also if you don’t like or fancy any of the products above as your prize you can choose any items at site that’s worth of $15 only that’s free shipping/delivery where-ever you are!

Giveaway Mechanics:

  • There is only One (1) winner at the end of this giveaway.
  • The winner can receive only One (1) prize in this giveaway that he/she can choose from the photos above or choose something else in that’s worth $15 only. Free shipping/delivery anywhere, any country you are.
  • Giveaway starts: December 23, 2013midnight. Ends: January 8, 2014midnight.
  • I will be the one who’s going to contact the winner so make sure you enter the email address that you always check everyday for easy communication.
(This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment. If you have any concerns contact the host )  

Make sure to go back everyday to add some points to your entries! The more entries you got the more chances of winning! Don’t forget to enter you email address below to receive updates from this blog straight from your mail!


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90 thoughts on “International Year-Ender Giveaway (Closed)

  1. Quero e preciso muito de uma bota preta.
    Amei essa
    Liliane Inácio

    Very easy and comfortable to wear. plus i really love the unique design.

    NAME: Mara Jerimee Galang

  3. i love these :
    i love simple thing & the colour ^^

    name : hana amalia
    email :

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’m really excited for who is going to win


  4. Nuraini Rahmawati

    i really want that shoes because it’s cool and stylish

  5. Mizpa Herbuela

    I would love to have this tote bag

  6. couse is so cute!

    Marta Vieira


    I would like that a lot because i don’t have something like that in my closet and i can not find it in the market (at least not in a resonable price) !

    Name: Anna Dimitriadou

    Slađana Sušilović

  9. I love the color and the design of this dress. Cute and classy. 🙂

    Jamelle Katrinca Castro

  10. I love this coat
    I really love all kind of coats, specially red coats! 😀
    Sara Trojaniello

  11. Marinela Diaz

    There are tons of nice dresses on the site. But I love this one because it suits my lifestyle. It’s simple and a little bit sporty. I won’t mind running after my toddler while wearing this. 🙂

  12. Angeli Mae Aquino

    I really really like this boots! ♥ I want to try something different. I only have have flats and don’t own any pair of heels even though I’m short. Lol. But I keep on seeing this kind of shoes and thought that I might try it as well. I actually already have some particular outfit style in mind for this boots! Lol. Hoping to win it!!! 🙂

  13. Lovely Joy Merced

    Perfect for summer:

  14. I love bags and dresses because I need this attire in a casual and
    special occasion. I want to look presentable at the same time

    Rhea Liza L. Munoz

  15. Arra Odeza i love this cute simple but its elegant



    Because I Love Make up and I believe it can boost up someone’s confidence!

  17.… gosto muito deste vestido, como assenta no peito e se afasta das ancas, parecendo que somos mais altas 🙂 Cristina Alice Sousa Araújo –

  18. gosto muito deste vestido, como assenta no peito e se afasta das ancas, parecendo que somos mais altas 🙂

  19. I love this as this is great with business attires. Classy and professional looking at the same time.
    Hazel C. Escaño

  20. i really love the dresses. hope to have one. especially this one. so i have something to wear for my graduation march this coming may. hope to win 🙂 more power and god bless to you and your business <3

    joanna marie petalver

  21. i love your site it s fabolous! i felt in love with this and i looked for it but i couldn t find it..i t elegant and i love the colour
    name cecilia valenti

  22. name:liliana

  23. gfc/refflector trillina palemi
    name emilia


  24. Mikee Mae Garcia
    My christmas wish :

  25. My daughter have been wanting this boots but I cannot afford it. I hope I will win for her.
    Wilma Garcia


    enter me, please!


  27. Enter me please!

    I like:

    FB/Pinterest/ NB : Florinda Fraccalvieri
    Twitter: @PiccolaFlo_82
    Instagram: @indaf82

    e-mail/Bloglovin’: floryfrancy[at]inwind[dot]it

  28. Riyalyn gatdula

  29. I just love this coat!! its so sleek!

    Raquel Perez

  30. fb:MaeRi

    google+:Maria Alexis


  31. nice giveaway
    fb :loredana battista
    gfc: lored89

  32. Entered! *_*
    I love this: is so chic! 😉


  33. Veronica Murroni


    Its so elegant to wear especially when the weather is cold..
    Marcel Fajardo

  35. -black, size 38. I like them cause are gorgeous 🙂
    pinterest: Calin Andreea Daniela
    youtube id: 2085aki

  36. i like:
    sania wasif

  37. Casual Women’s Tote Bag ..i love bags and i Love this elegant style,soo Classic!

    Liberty Floro


    I like this coat becasue it looks smart, specially when I’m in a cold weather country.
    Abigail Sy

    I like this because I love makeup and every kind of eyeshadows!
    Venera Giannetto


    I like this pair of Women’s Pumps because I love wearing them. It makes me tall. Haha

    Iris Castillo

  41. I liked the Pair of Cute Bowknot Dot Pattern Fluff Knitting Gloves For Women

  42. nikhita mendonca

    my fav is bcoz it looks very edgy and chic.!

  43. I like the three button woolen blend cloak for women

  44. Petra Mrkoci

    My favorite item is

  45. Ivana Jankovic

  46. i want this item i’m sure it will look beautiful on me, simple but elegant

    laila hermosa mercado

  47. Badea Vasilica

  48. I love this item because I am a super fan of the hunger games.
    And aside from that I also love this dress because I am into laces.
    Jastene Angelene Galacio


    I love this dress because it’s simple yet stylish
    Janice Que

  50. i want this one in white or in brown color. i really wish to have this one before this year ends 🙂

    Shandie Valdez

  51. –––––––––– I absolutely LOVE these Sweet Women’s Short Boots With Chunky Heel and Tassels Design because I’m really into heels with chunky heels and I love the tassel detailing .

    I also love how versatile these are because they’ll go with so many different outfits .

    –––––––––– Nicole Ordonez

    –––––––––– saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    Thank you so much for the chance ! 🙂


    i like dresses ♥

    Nerissa Marin

    I super love shoes and studded things so this is a double combo for me super want!!!
    Marie Katrina Bronozo

  54. – I love this sandals, they’re gorgeous and I don’t have any like this on black.

    complete name: Joana Pimentel Santos da Conceição

  55. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!

    Name:Soraya helena Ben Othman

    My fav item:

    Merry Xmas and Happy new Year!

  56. Sheryl An Mungcal
    i love this dress,.

  57. Name: Badea Nicoleta Alexandra


  58. wow, those are beautiful items for give away, am sure it would add more simple happiness to the lucky one

  59. Any item love but I love these two: or

    Patricia Tan

  60. Complete name: Divya Asha
    Favorite items:

    This dress is so stylish. I love the ‘love’ design pattern of that chain.I would love to wear this dress along with this chain. Hope both will be a great combo.

  61. Slimming Metal Button Embellished Leopard Harem Pants For Women

    I don’t have any harem style pants and I love the metal detail and leopard print!

    Heather G

  62. Ann Cagalingan
    I like this one ..

    Party Women’s Tote Bag With Floral Print and Weaving Design
    ( )
    I like the bag and it’s my fave Color Purple!


    This dress is sexy and elegant at the same time.
    Name:Plesa Roxana Maria

  64. Vânia Madureira

  65. i love this bag coz its size is just right for me and i think it would fit all my things there. i love this pair of shoes coz it’s the in thing nowadays, i would like to try it if it would fit me well i love this pair of watch coz it’s simple yet elegant looking and i could give the other watch to my better half i love this jean shirt coz of its color and i will look good wearing this one.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  66. so chic!
    Say Yap


    I want this bag because i like casual style and this bag seems to be fit! And i can use it to go to class too 🙂

    I would love to win because this dress is so flattering

    I want it because very beautiful designs
    helen gatbonton

  70. Hot Sale Zipper Small Bag For Women

    Because I am addicted with bags.
    Jean Lorraine Pal


    i love this one because it can be used as a dress or a long top.
    caryn morales

    super love this dress,elegant yet simple
    sherry ann gole cruz

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