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‘Tis the season to be jolly! Yes I feel so jolly receiving all the stuffs I ordered from everbuying.com site last November 29. I thought I won’t be receiving it this December and that I have to wait for it until January 2014. Almost miss the happy online shopping experience this Christmas! So my package arrived yesterday and I am so happy to have it that I filmed a unboxing video right away which is now live on my youtube channel. Guess which one is my favourite of them all? n____n#everbuying #fashiontravels#everbuying #fashiontravelsThe package was covered in white wrapping paper and scotch taped all over it. As far as I know, Here in Malaysia it is not allowed to wrap your parcel or anything to be mailed in anything colourful or full of designs. It must be in brown paper or white paper or you can buy a box from them straight to put everything you need to mail. I usually just buy those brown envelopes when I send something.#everbuying #fashiontravels~TX-508 FM Supported MP3 Player with TF Card and Back-headset Earphone in Black~                   Click here to order: http://www.everbuying.com/product482922.html

#everbuying #fashiontravels

~Z07-3 Professional Camera Monopod with iPhone4 Case in Black~                                               Click here to order: http://www.everbuying.com/product400458.html

#everbuying #fashiontravels ~Black 3.5 mm 1 Male To 2 Female Stereo Splitter Cables in Black~ Click here to order: http://www.everbuying.com/Black-3-5-mm-1-Male-To-2-Female-Stereo-Splitter-Cables-p-17799.html

#everbuying #fashiontravels~ORIGINAL Waterproof Minus Ion Sport Bracelet Watch in Yellow Green~                                      Click here to order: http://www.everbuying.com/product31821.html

#everbuying #fashiontravels~Silicon suction, Stand for cellphones- Practical 12 in 1 Closestool Cupule Pattern Holder~         Click here to order: http://www.everbuying.com/product58281.html

#everbuying #fashiontravels

~Pack of 50pcs Beautiful Various Types Nail Art Fimo Sticks Slice Sticker Decoration Decals~  Click here to order: http://www.everbuying.com/product464610.html 

I have tried and tested all the products I bought from Everbuying.com and so far so good! I love all the things I got from them specially I received them before Christmas! Tried listening to music using the wireless back headset while doing my nails and decorating it with lovely fimo canes sticks as you can see in the photo above with my nails and daughter’s nails as well! I am currently using the Suction Iphone stand now as well here on my table and I love it! Took some selfies using the multi functional monopod too! I love how thin it is and super light weight that I can carry it anywhere! Will try the waterproof watch bracelet in the next coming days when I am in the mood to swim.

Should I write a separate reviews for each of the things I got from everbuying?! Let me know ya? Totally worth the money plus free shipping is awesome right? So many cheap Items to choose from sure is I enjoyed browsing and shopping with everybuying.com! and You can too! Also don’t miss shopping with everybuying.com so that you can earn points to add to your account for shopping!

Visit their sites: www.everbuying.com ~ Facebook Page ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest ~ Youtube ~ Google+

Pls. watch the unboxing video of my everbuying.com package! Likes & Subscribe please!

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