Isetan x Vivi Christmas Styling Event

This was the second event I attended last Saturday December 14, 2013. It was all about styling your hair this Christmas and how easy it is to do it on your own way as long as you have the right tools and you know what style you want and it should really suits you well for the special day coming.  The four celeb bloggers who model-ed for the event was bobo stephanie, audrey, cheesie and Yuth Gan. It is actually my first time to know about yuth gan so I might read her blog one of these days to know her more. She is actually pretty and looks very tall in person. What I do know about her is she is a VIVI x Mina model here in Malaysia. Interesting meeting some VIVI x Mina Models in Person..

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They also had a fashion show and it was already finish when I arrived in the venue just because I need to eat haha. I was hungry after the first event. I enjoyed it too much that I forgot to eat some foods they had and just had some coffee’s. Anyways, they have this new stall/shop next to foruchizu in 1st flr. Isetan KLCC now which they will be selling all the good japanese hair products that apparently it is like magic when you use it. And what more? they are all in Pink jars so the whole shop is glowing in Pink! Sure is I know you do love pink as well, Am I right?

Didn’t get a video of the hairstyling session but by just looking at the photos of their hair they look indeed a stunner. Very japanese~ish looking hairstyling though right? For all those kawaii Girls out there. This salon is a major rave now in Malaysia that you actually need to book rather than just a walk-in customer. Number76 hair salon is in the top notch salon now in Malaysia as they do all kinds of Japanese hair cut, hairstyle and make up, all the japanese thing you know that is about hair they can do all for you! Isn’t it cool? I am sure you want to go here in Malaysia now and turn Japanese.

Combining the Foruchizu japanese inspired clothes, accessories, bags and the wonders of Number76 hair salon can totally turn you Japanese! No wonder I’ve been seeing a lot of Malaysian girls looking like Japanese in the sense of hairstyle and fashion that is so kawaii or maybe I can say Korean Look too haha. Visit their hair salon site here: and shop foruchizu online:

Will be blogging about the first event I’ve been to, this coming wednesday and the Malaysian Travel Meet up this Friday! I will be putting some videos as well so Stay tune guys! God Bless! =)




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29 thoughts on “Isetan x Vivi Christmas Styling Event

  1. It is interesting to see the different hair styling that we can try this Christmas season. This workshop is so feminine.

  2. japanese and korean fashion including hairstyle and make up are well embraced by the filipinos… i can see it everywhere i look especially in the malls…very beautiful ladies.hmmmm:). Yahweh Bless.

  3. Hairstyling tutorials… something I badly need because the only hairstyle I know is the ponytail. Hehe. Wish I could have been there. 🙂

  4. Interesting. Ang cute ng mga models. Ang cute pala ng mga VIVI x Mina Models. Thanks for sharing their photos. Their hairstyle makes them more attractive.

    1. haha will send and give you one babe sa bday mo nlng this january right? pra isa nlng hihi mlpt nrin nmn =)

  5. Wow! I follow Cheesie’s blog as well and I adore her beauty tips. So lucky of you to meet these celebs. 🙂

  6. The event looks so fun and interesting. I would love to
    attend something like that in the future. ^_^

  7. That’s paradise for every fashion and beauty blogger out there. I wish to attend such kind of event.
    Luscious Box

  8. LOL when you arrived at the event and it’s all finished!

    I love the abubots. It’s always fascinating to look at beautifully styled hair. I wish I could do my own. Which reminded me- my Mom when to a short term course on hairstyling. She was very happy to share the news that she finally graduated last week. She can now cut the hair, rebond, perm, etc. I found it too cool of my Mom to go through the course.

    1. hindi p nmn totally finish nung dumating ako haha missed the hairstyling session lng ng konti my usapan moments pa nmn akong nadatnan LOL. I wasn’t supposed to be in that event but because I am in the same building rin nmn dumaan nrin ako. -Good to hear about your mom atleast she can be busy now with all that things she learned from hairstyling. It is cool indeed! =D @Lainybelle

  9. You must have enjoyed this very much as I’m sure the activities are of special interest to you.

  10. The accessories look awesome!

    I don’t have the temperament to style my hair or someone elses’ for that matter. That’s why, it fascinates me to watch other people do it on someone’s hair. As you may guess it, my long hair is just a wash, blow-dry kind of hair on a daily basis unless I get a trim and have it styled. 🙂

  11. I actually love looking at well styled hair, I used to style my hair a lot when I was younger since it was my fascination to be a hair stylist 🙂 these days however, I felt like there are so many things to do that I had to give up some for the sake of others, and that includes hair styling, but I still do, once in a blue moon 🙂

  12. I only know Cheesie. But that girl with neon yellow top looks familiar, though I’m not sure where I’ve seen her. Anyway this looks like a fun event. Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

  13. Great hairstyle for this Christmas occasions, must be a great to apply them when you go to a party, as for me. I would stick to down hairstyle freezing weather needs me to cover my ears and scalp and hair just helps a lot.

  14. i like the accessories shown in the photo, pretty earrings 🙂 i am interested with the hairstyles, be waiting for the other pics hehe

  15. Very good promotion of beauty products, it really made the business uplift tremendously.

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