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There is no bride who would not dream of her wedding to be considered exceptional and matchless. There is no bride who would not dream of a wedding not like any other. Every bride dreams of her wedding to be the most extraordinary, most astounding, most beautiful. The most outrageous whims, the wildest dreams of the most irrational ideas – all of these will incarnate in the magical state of Florida. You can dream about the most incredible, the most impossible wedding in the world. And namely in Florida your dreams are destined to come true. After all, in a gentle southern climate, on the lavish velvet of the beaches, in the emerald depth of the sparkling waves, there is nothing impossible for love. So what is there you could do in order to live your dream wedding in Florida?


You can experience the beach wedding of your dreams at the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel, located directly on the soft sands of the Atlantic Ocean. Our Sheraton wedding specialist knows that personalizing your wedding involves more than just attending to the details. We are here to help with whatever you need to ensure that your special day is filled with moments of pleasure and enchantment as you unfold the next chapter of your story.

If the beach is too simple for your extravagant taste, you can exchange your vows amid the antique surroundings of our historic houses and gardens; then celebrate your new life together by holding your reception in a unique historical setting. You may choose from two options, or a combination: The Oldest House Garden or the Llambias House. Behind our traditional garden walls, a common feature of Spanish communities, one can find a tranquil place for repose and reflection. Native plants and those introduced over the centuries by generations of newcomers mingle in this delightful subtropical garden. Stately live oaks festooned with moss and resurrection fern dominate the scene, but you also will encounter southern red cedar, crepe myrtle, banana, fig, sweet and sour orange, and several varieties of palms, including the sabal palm, Florida’s state tree. Below the trees, diverse shrubs, bushes and hedges abound, encircled by ferns and flowers, while luxuriant grape arbors offer shelter from the midday sun. We have wedding packages and a wedding planner available.

Deercreek Country Club gives you an opportunity to make this day the most memorable day of your life. Encircled by a picturesque 18-hole golf course, the colonial-style clubhouse is a warm and inviting setting for members and guests alike. The ballroom offers a traditional and open setting overlooking the golf course a beautiful and intimate setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. With the expertise of many years of hosting and planning wedding parties, the staff will attend to every detail. The perfect sunset can be elusive, but not here. This trio of west-facing towns delivers skies filled with magenta and tangerine hues night after night.

Add in shimmering beaches, gentle aquamarine surf and a wide array of resort and rental options and you will understand why many couples look west when they opt for a destination wedding in Florida.

If you do not know what you want, but have no doubts that you want something tremendous, Naples, on the mainland, is your natural choice. The venue offers Spanish-style architecture, upscale resorts and bustling, delightful downtown just blocks from the beach. Over on the bridge-linked sister isles of Sanibel-Captiva, the pace is slower and activities center on timeless pastimes like beach strolls, shell collecting and sailing or kayaking. Think of it this way: Naples is the place to indulge in spas, golf, dining and shopping, while Sanibel-Captiva is all about unplugging and leaving the hustle and bustle behind. And whichever spot you choose, the sunsets are on the house. Beach weddings are even better when your guests wake up and fall asleep to ocean views. Naples and Sanibel-Captiva offer dozens of ways to make that happen, from large luxurious resorts along Naples’ 10 miles of beachfront to small cottage-style resorts on Sanibel’s numerous white-sand strands, and condo or private estate rentals set amid Captiva’s beauty. If your crew likes lots of entertainment options, set them loose on Naples’ Fifth Avenue South, a walking district full of shops, galleries and restaurants. Days on Sanibel-Captiva are all about exploring: on a bicycle to browse artsy boutiques and galleries, or on a boat to explore neighboring small islets teeming with birds and marine life such as dolphins and sea turtles. Get your guests in a sunset-on-the-beach frame of mind with a welcome bag filled with Party Flops (flip-flops that you design with your names and wedding date), fresh oranges and orange-blossom honey from South Naples Citrus, and Orange Passion and Key Lime chocolates from Royal Palm Chocolate. A fun option for welcome cocktails or a rehearsal dinner is a sunset cruise aboard the 105-foot yacht Naples Princess. Wherever you wed, you would not have to go far to take a great wedding portrait as the region’s white sand and brilliant water sparkle in the sun before turning golden come dusk. As your guests arrive for cocktail hour, greet them with glasses of locally made citrus and berry wines from Sanibel Tropical Wines and a fresh seafood station stocked with the Gulf’s finest shrimp, crab and shellfish. If you’re marrying on Captiva, forgo a traditional wedding cake and order the amazing Orange Crunch Cake from the Bubble Room, a beloved institution since 1979. Mysterious atmosphere of romance will make your celebration in this house completely unforgettable, and definitely unique.

You can dream about the most unusual wedding. You can dream about the happiest married life. You can dream to celebrate your wedding on the majestic beach and at the end of the celebration to wet your dress in the ocean after petting the dolphins. You can dream about anything, but in any case do not forget that, no matter how frantic your dreams are, their realization is feasible in Florida.




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28 thoughts on “Something Special

  1. If I am to renew my wedding vows, I’d do it in Florida! Oopps, I’m not that old yet but I do wish to have a very beautiful wedding ceremony again (that’s for renewal, of course).

  2. the cake is just pretty! i love attending to wedding ceremonies, actually it’s bec i wanted to see how beautiful the bride is on her wedding day. makes me feel good about life:)

  3. We got married in a garden wedding. It is the best day of my life. My step-daughter married at the beach in Florida and it is beautiful. What a beautiful place to tie the know with the love of your life 🙂

  4. hmmmm I have been wishing for a church wedding for years now…the hubby and I both hate spending though haha so if ever we pursue our plan it might be one of those simple, memorable ones 🙂 It would be awesome to have one of those impossible ceremonies though 🙂

  5. Wherever, whenever, it is the marriage that matters, not the wedding 🙂

  6. If I am the soon-to-be bride then i’ll opt for a very simple wedding lang. But I am not against bongacious weedings. Kung type nila yan then so be it.

  7. Wedding is such a special and once in a lifetime experience. A special location would be great!

  8. I thought I was an exception, until I read Rcel comments, frankly, I did not dream at all of any extravagant wedding that would be most beautiful, instead, I dreamed of a most silent wedding where hubby and I could right away celebrate life together in pure joy and bliss 🙂

    1. PS….have to add, I enjoyed reading your post, love your writing style. Though am an exception to most women or brides, but I do enjoy reading different ideas and thoughts on weddings

      1. thank you sis @betchai:disqus I am sure everyone loves to have this xtravagant wedding kind of thing if we all have that extra money and enough time and get stress. haha I myself only had a very simple wedding. Everyone thought that I wore a really nice wedding gown but not. hehe.

  9. I may be the only bride here who has the simplest wedding ever! No imagery of luxury at all! I don’t have a grand wedding to boast, and I don’t mind. What I am after is for my marriage to be a nice view to those around me. 🙂


  10. I got married year 2006 and I can still remember every details about my wedding. 🙂 Wedding is a once in a lifetime event for most of us that’s why we all want to make it special.

    1. agree. Its nice to know that you have that chance to have a very nice wedding! congrats sis!

  11. My husband’s siblings live there in Florida, my husband the place is really nice and it has many beaches. Of course a wedding set in a beach is very exceptional. I am sure couple will enjoy the venue and will fell in love with the beach.

  12. Weddings is one of the most special day for women it is their big day that they feel they are the most beautiful and important woman on that day. We all wanted to have the best wedding ever!!! dreams to have it as memorable as we want it to be, that’s why we do our best to make it possible

  13. Destination wedding in Florida sounds enticing. With all the different options available the bride to be may have a grand time choosing which one it will be.

    Regardless, weddings are magical . It’s a celebration of love!

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