Ko Phai Island,Thailand + Video

Hello guys! It’s been so long since I posted something about my life here haha. Well my life isn’t that exciting this past few months. I’m always at home as usual and just go out of the house and walk around the mall doing window shopping then go home and wait for my daughter. This happens almost everyday. I can say that, this is my everyday routine already. Though it is school holiday and it’s Christmas time! No plans at all this December. Maybe go to Singapore for quick trip when my husband arrives from Dubai to meet some friends of mine whom I missed so much!

Well, Not really that boring. I still love being a full-time mom and a housewife. Last first week of November we went in Thailand for 2 weeks and totally did some chillin’ and relaxing moments with my family. This time its a very quiet one since we’ve been there before we just decided to stay most in the resort and relax. We’ve made some good friends while staying there and decided to have this island hopping with the rest of the guests in the resort.  ENJOY THE PHOTOS!

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One of our friend who lives in Thailand near the resort thought that maybe we can rent a private boat and so we did and let the whole guests in the resort to join us. It was like a 20 minutes speed boat ride from where we are to the island. The wave was stunning and shining! We enjoyed that ride so much! The wave was so high that we all got a little bit wet and got no choice but to just enjoy it.
#fashiontravels #fashiontravels #fashiontravels #fashiontravels #fashiontravels #fashiontravels #fashiontravels #fashiontravels  With our Vietnamese Friends! Sister’s Nhu and Pe Lun. We’ve been friends for like 5-6yrs I think.#fashiontravels #fashiontravels #fashiontravels The sunny speedy boat woot! The crew was so fun to be with and entertaining! They even caught some fish while spending the day with us! Wish I could’ve tasted those yummy big fish!#fashiontravels  My sister and I. Always look bad when ever we try to do jump shots haha. That awkward face….#fashiontravelsYay or Nay for my two-piece shots? haha I don’t really post much with swimsuit coz I am not so proud at all. Well at least this time I have a reason to post some bikini shots since I am in a beach! Just bought that neon yellow green bikini in Pattaya as well and bought lots of them too! The bikini looks so neon~ish with my dark colour. Please do watch the video below to see more of us in action!

So Before I forgot, We went to Ko Phai Island.

~Ko Phai is the largest island in Mu Ko Phai, a small uninhabited archipelago belonging to the Eastern Seaboard Islands of Thailand. It is located about 21 km to the west of Pattaya. Wikipedia

~Ko Phai Island is preffered destination for scuba divers also popular for fishing, and snorkelling the area is controlled by the royal Thai Navy.

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