Microsoft 70-564 Certification Exam

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This exam provides a means of testing a candidate’s skill level in the design, development, and applications associated with ASP.NET utilizing the .NET Framework 3.5. Before taking this exam, Microsoft recommends that candidates have a minimum of three years work experience developing Web-based applications, including one to two years developing ASP.NET-based applications. Candidates should also have a thorough knowledge of ASP.NET technologies within the .NET framework 3.5. This exam is currently available in English only.

Exam topics will be varied and presented in a format dictated by Microsoft Certification. While an exhaustive list of exam topics is not provided, examinees should expect content in the areas of designing and implementing controls, designing the presentation and layout of an application, accessing data and services, establishing ASP.NET Solution structure, leveraging and extending ASP.NET architecture, and applying security principles. Exam questions will include items that are presented in either the Microsoft VB or C# code language. At the beginning of the exam, candidates will be able select one of these choices.

The 70-564 exam will count toward certification for the category of MCPD: ASP.NET Developer 3.5. Candidates seeking more information about exam policies, procedures, and preparation suggestions may log on to the Microsoft Certification website or ExamTrace.





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