#Giveaway: BBU’s 1st Anniversary Blowout!

Hola everyone!! I am myself is excited about this Giveaway! Are you? Well you better be! Because in this giveaway I am collaborating with the other 9 girls who are experts in beauty/makeup and of course there will be 10 winners in this contest (Philippines Only). I know most of you were asking if why the heck I am in this Beauty Blogger Collaboration when I know myself that  I am not a beauty blogger expert? Let me tell you this, I am more into fashion and all and I totally don’t know anything about make up and I don’t even put make up to my face myself. Though, I guess we all have this freedom to be with this people who I know they can help me to build and give me enough knowledge and share the things about what they do love the most. I love reading their blogs and every time I read their blogs I always learn some tips and tricks about make up which is very good for me to form myself into another phase of my life activity which is putting make-up and giving myself more self-steem. =)#beautybloggersgiveaway BBU Bloggers: Yette Cruz –  Janna Joshelle – Katleya Ballada – The Beauty Geek Ph Melleleee – Candice Amoranto – GenzelKisses – Patricia Tan – Riza Acebuche
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Giveaway mechanics:

  • There will be 10 winners in this giveaway.
  • Philippine Based Only.
  • Starts October 15 – Ends October 31, 2013

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40 thoughts on “#Giveaway: BBU’s 1st Anniversary Blowout!

  1. wooow! what a big big big beauty bloggers’ collaboration! Good luck to all the contestants! ♥♥♥ (including me)

  2. I read beauty blogs because, well, let’s admit it, I’m not perfect. Make-up makes up for your imperfections, and since I’ve never gone through any professional training, I just read blogs to know how to do this or apply that and the tips that come with it based on personal experience. It’s a fun way to share, and a beautiful way to show. :3

    Siena Joy Cajilig

  3. Dhadha Garcia

    I have a habit of reading beauty blogs to check reviews of beauty products I wanted to try. I don’t usually buy asap, naninigurado ako that’s why inuuna ko talga magbasa ng mga reviews. Hihi. Aside from that, because of beauty blogs, I was able to discover a lot of good things! One of which is the BDJ Box. Hihi. Sa kakabasa ko, pati ako nag subscribe na din. Ang saya lang! And look at me now, I can’t believe I made my own blog na puno ng reviews of diff products. Haha. 😀

    Dhadha | www.classysweets.com

  4. Wow! a blog collaboration with some of the best beauty bloggers in the country! nice! 🙂 Good luck to all the people who joined this contest! 🙂

  5. Beauty loot 4 lang yata pwede sakin.. bwahahha!
    But seriously, you dont do make up?
    Its such a lucrative business.
    I have a guy friend back in college who was already doing internship in ABS-CBN (Im masscom grad btw) but gave it all up when he turned to become a make up artist.
    Starting with model shoot and being part of creative teams,

    when he started business with weddings and all such,

    it was such an in demand work that he stopped schooling altogether.
    Now he’s paying people to continue his work, in just a few years.
    I wish I could have creative talents that would earn me a good business.

  6. I was rushing to join the contest for Summer, enkkkk Philippine based only. Anyhow Good luck to all the winners!

  7. Great alliance among fashion bloggers and wishing look for those joining. The prizes are really cool.

  8. Only girly giveaways available? It’s nice to have giveaways like this and you already have so many entries.

  9. Oh wow! 16,950 entries as i type this? hehe Beauty bloggers rock! Goodluck to everyone who joined. 🙂

  10. This is a great giveaway for your loyal readers and people who just want to win prizes.
    -Wanderer Juan

  11. I ready beauty blogs because I want to learn how to beautify myself. And since I started reading beauty blogs, it has helped me a lot to boost my self-esteem! 🙂

    I joined! 🙂
    NAME: Marie Da-al
    email: edaal125@gmail.com

  12. woot! Look at all those beautiful ladies looking gorgeous with the cosmetics. This is a cute and sweet giveaway to join. I’m almost 40 years old and still no clue how to wear make-up 🙂 I like my face as natural as it is. Winning one of the cool cosmetics would be great 🙂


  13. I read beauty blogs to know the thoughts and reviews of other beauty bloggers and writers about a certain product or services that I’m interested to try or to buy.

  14. Thanks for the giveaway, one lucky woman would be enjoying these beauty haul. I am not into beauty products so I’ll pass. Good luck!

  15. I will definitely join this giveaway! Good luck on BBU’s giveaway. Happy anniversary guys!

  16. nice collaboration ng 10 beautiful beauty bloggers. Nice giveaway for BBU’s 1st anniv. share this sa daughter ko para makasali. http://papalengthoughts.blogspot.com/

  17. this is a great way to have the chance to win something you’ve like the most, would definitely joined.

  18. Ditto Mhie Lee! Winner would definitely be ecstatic! I will try to join – hopefully later! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  19. I read beauty blogs locally and internationally because it helps me on deciding which products might compliment my skin type (Finding new stuffs). In addition, it helps me save some cash, instead of having wrong buys online/offline. ^_^

    Candyz Nikka

  20. I’m beginning to read beauty blogs because I’m seeing a lot of great products being recommended by beauty bloggers. Being a stay at home mom, we also need to look our best even if we’re at home. Mai Songalia. redlanegeraine(at)gmail(dot)com.

  21. I read about beauty blogs, because I believe age is not a hindrance to start thinking about how you look like and besides…my daughter will benefit it as well since I am her personal hair and makeup artist 😀

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