Another Outfit post for you guys! Got my Sheer/Chiffon top from FriendlyFashion.my last time I won their contest for the best dressed and of course you guys have been a part of this contest too by voting me via Facebook likes and comments too! (Click & Read the full story here). So many Thanks again  100x to all of you guys for the support! and I hope you will support me still all the way! =)#fashiontravels#fashiontravels#fashiontravels                               BAG: Charles and Keith  ~~~~~  SHOES: New Look Singapore

#fashiontravels  SUNGLASSES:  Marc by Marc Jacobs  CHIFFON/SHEER TOP: FriendlyFashion.my#fashiontravels

#fashiontravelsI haven’t tried wearing this outfit like for going out or something. This photo was taken outside our condo just in front where we stay. Just giving you guys the look that I am actually outside just for a change. Have that Charles and Keith Bag for 4 years already and it’s that time that I needed to get a new one which I did and I bought a Mango Bag as I said to my previous Outfit post here. Though I am still using this bag for my outfit shots when I needed a clutch, I can use this as well, Just hide the sling inside it and tada! it’s a clutch bag ! Another over-use is my jeans I am wearing here. If you’re updated to all my looks, Most of the jeans that I use and wear is this the same Jeans I bought in Thailand. I can just use it like forever & never-ending until it is really grungy that I won’t need to put big holes at all. Thank you guys for reading! Till my next outfit post! Hopefully I can publish more Outfit Shots in the future! Two weeks till our Thailand holiday! Im excited! Will keep you guys updated! x0x0  =)




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55 thoughts on “#OOTD: IT’S TEAL TIME!

  1. I must say, you’re very brave in choosing your style of clothes just like Carrie Bradshaw. 🙂

  2. I love this look because turquoise is one of my favorite colors. 🙂 Would you know if Charles and Keith shoes are also cheaper in Malaysia than in the Philippines?

  3. The teal color looks lavish and elegant!. It reminds me of the luxurious vibe of Prada fall/winter 2012 collection. :))

  4. Sa labas ba to ng condo nyo? lol Hey OOTD photoshoot tayo pag nabuo na uli B4. tapos dun tayo sa may Symphony lake mag pektyuran,

    1. Uu sa tapat lng ng pintuan haha alam mo nmn pg mismo labas kalsada na yun teh haha mkipicture nlng sa pent house pde din wlang rooftop eh haha pguwi ni ateng krissy mg-ootd din tau lht haha

  5. You’ve got what it takes to be a fashion model! I liked the colors and the combination of shoes and top.

  6. Darling you look so refreshed here! You look so young! Di nila aakalaing may junakis kana! So pretty dear! <3 Keep on posting ootds!

  7. It has been an inside joke among my peers that I have color-blindness but looking at your top it appears more turquoise to me than teal. Anyway, it looks good on you! 🙂

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